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Boost Sales And Increase Profits Fast With Your Personalised Business Advertising Makeover… 

How to leverage what you already have into the business advertising you really want and why start with business advertising? To answer those two questions, you would want to think about what desired return on investment (ROI) and results you want?

Running ads for the sake of it isn’t necessarily a good or healthy activity for your business.

Firstly, in order to get results, whether it be to generate leads or cash flow, you’d expect every activity needs to be measured documented approach to your business advertising…

Dear Business Owner,

Yes, simple step-by-step techniques to increase your income faster and really get the opportunity to make more profits, not by magic, by 300% with specific knowledge.

Sounds impossible? It always sounds too good to be true…yet do know your customer and target your customer’s perceptions with the right offer to overcome buyer resistance?

Just bear in mind and pay attention to under-utilised power of customer lifetime value
and value of repeat customers. Do yourself a favour and read this paragraph over again.

Why? Because almost all business owners blindly overlook this vital success information.

You’d certainly want to identify and measure all the benefits (current and future revenues) of running business ads with a reasonable degree of predictability and certainty, right?

Why is it largely, regardless of industry or business type, the biggest problem is most advertisers  are either wasting their money or leaving significant money on the table?

This report is all about business advertising in context to expanding opportunities by focusing on ads structure, performance of ads…

It’s an overview of insights into results you want, (i.e more leads, cash and profits).

There are so many businesses (small to medium enterprises) competing today, it’s necessary to have an effective way to advertise your business, so how do you take your business advertising to the next level…

Writing great ads is only one aspect, transforming your brand while boosting sales and increasing profit is the ultimate goal.

Traditional business advertising means you’re interrupting people and while this can be effective it’s much easier to market to people that opt-in to receive information from you.

Word of mouth is an excellent form of small business advertising, it’s often the first baby steps; random, slow and unpredictable, not always a practical way to grow your business.

What if you want to grow your customer base faster, getting even the most resistant prospects to taking action?

In this report, we’ll show you how to create the type of business advertising that matches your market. We’ll show you how to create ads that better position to grow your business.

Having an uninteresting message about your business is the worst reason to advertise, which is the main reason most businesses do advertise…so does that make sense?

business advertising
Uninteresting message which means not arousing curiosity or interest…

We’ll be upfront with you because if you don’t know how to use business advertising cost effectively, you’re likely to lose money and damage your business rather than empower it.

Many business owners have a hard time justifying paying for their business advertising.

9 times out of 10 business advertising is worth a few hundred dollars just to experiment. In the meantime here are some solid tips to think about…

There are 5 major components to good advertising copy, and the order of these is essential to success:

  1. Command Attention
  2. Showcase Benefits of Products/Services
  3. Prove the Benefits
  4. Persuade People to Embrace the Benefits
  5. Strong Call to Action

Advertising is sales in print. So, you use unique benefits of your products or services to offer and showcase  in an emotional and persuasive way. You want to emphasize results.

Let’s take a minute to talk about each of these components:

1. Command Attention: This is accomplished with the headline. You need an attention-grabber which makes people want to know more about your products or services.

The best headlines taps into the imagination and gives a vivid portrayal of the benefits or shows how a problem can be avoided with your products or services.

The headline is the advertisement for the advertisement…

2. Showcase Benefits: You have to showcase the benefits of your products and services and, more importantly, show how they will solve or prevent a problem.

They need to know what’s in it for them so include useful, factual and clear information to show precisely what the benefits are and how they are going to help the customer.

3. Offer Proof: This is where you prove what the advertisement is offering. You need to establish you have a method to deliver.

Consider information that establishes credibility and past performance.

Tip: If you want to grow your business, you build a relationship with your marketplace.

4. Persuade: You need to add compelling reasons for your prospective customers to purchase your products/services. Use a hard sell approach and create scarcity.

This empowers your prospective customers to feel they have to act now. Which leads into the last component.

5. Call to Action: You need to compel your potential customers to DO something. They need to check out your site, sign up for your newsletter, purchase your products, contact you about services…something.

Offer a freebie-a booklet, sample, product, bonus, demo, consult, limited time price…the list goes on.

There are lots of simple, yet effective ways to get prospective customers excited about buying and helping prospects feel like they are getting an amazing deal.

Good business advertisements include all of these components and are not complete without any of them.

You can sit down and think through any one of these components, then figure out how to best place them together for the most effectiveness. We can help you with this too.

How to write business ads which create more value, make more money by empowering people to buy your products and services:

  • Discover how to get more sales leads
  • Get more paying customers with less effort
  • Avoid common business advertising mistakes 

Want to double or triple your revenue and build an automatic sales machine in the process?

At it’s core, business advertising is about messages and understanding the prospect, better than they understand themselves.

You do that by tapping into your prospect’s needs, wants, dreams and desires…this is simply empathy in action.

If you fail to understand your prospect, you’ll struggle to write ads that get leads and in turn make more sales.

Strategic  business advertising drives growth for all types and sizes, faster. If you think your business ads are a “work of art” and are easily offended this makeover isn’t for you…

So why would your prospective customer choose to do business with you?

Are you market driven, in other words focused on what your target market wants,
needs and spends money on?

Are you filling gaps within your target market and advertising to an evolving market
over a period of time?

Look, referrals are one of those simple, yet powerful low-cost promotions, and we’ve developed a low-cost referral system which brings in new customers just like clockwork.

In fact, for just cents in the dollar this system sends you quality customers that are ready to buy. Consider the advantages of referred customers:

  • Referred customer is usually a better customer
  • Come to you already pre-sold on the idea of using your business
  • Are less price resistant
  • Are more inclined to refer others if you deliver on your promise

What if you have a referral system in place? You already know is a great way to really boost your business. Done right, it’s simply an amazing wealth building system.

The problem is very few businesses have a referral system in place…

Sure, they get the odd referral here and there and that’s great. Trouble is; they haven’t got a system to maximise referrals. That means they’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Consider this…

What if every single one of your customers referred one of their friends to your business?

Each one of those friends takes up the offer. What would that mean to your business?

Well you would double your business wouldn’t you? And sure, we understand and realise that not every one of your customers will want to do this.

However, many do refer when you deliver a great customer experience and have the right system in place… a system which encourages and rewards people to refer.

You’ll find many of your customers want to refer two, three or more of their friends, family and workmates to your business.

When that happens, you’d better be ready for all of the extra business coming your way!

The system we’ve created is tested an proven to work in the real world and best of all, it’s easy to implement and that means it gets done.

Time Tested And Proven Business Advertising Principles

Market driven vs self directed and what you need to know about how to re-position your business advertising:

  • Use the same media everybody use, only use it differently
  • Able to use media no one else uses for unique advantages
  • More opportunities to attract and acquire customers
  • More money to spend wisely by eleminating wasteful ads
  • More time and focus to sell by eliminating frustration

Okay let’s take a quick look at your USP… which means Unique Selling Proposition. First coined by Rosser Reeves, (USP is what makes your business stand out the crowd).

It’s that special something your customers can’t get anywhere else. That special advantage you have over your competitors. And when you know this advantage, you’ve got to live it.

This includes what you and you sales people say, plus all of your marketing must contain your USP. So whatever your USP stands for, you and your team must do it all times.

Developing a strong, customer-focused USP elevates you above your competitors.

Very few businesses actually develop a USP. At best, they may have a tagline after their name which really means nothing to the consumer.

So this is a golden opportunity for you to stake your claim. Here’s an example of 3 Winning USPs:

  1. Federal Express: “When it absolutely, positively has to be there.”
  2. Dominos Pizza: “Fresh, hot pizza in 30 minutes or less.”
  3. Avis Rent a Car: “We’re number two. We try harder.”

The Power Of Dynamic USPs

The USPs above all have one core element in common. All three are powerful, succinct statements that have helped propel them to success.

They are not trying to be all things to all people.

What they’ve done is to recognise an opportunity and exploited it through a powerful USP.

Look, Avis rent a car was way behind Hertz in car rentals. They didn’t want to compete head on with Hertz… that would be crazy and very expensive. So what did they do?

They positioned themselves as number two in the field, and because of that fact, they try harder. Did it work? You bet it did…

It’s the same with Federal Express. When they first started out their USP was: “We have our own airplanes.” Now, they thought this was good.

Unfortunately, for the consumer it didn’t mean a damn thing. So they changed focus.

Instead of seeing through their own eyes, they looked through the eyes of a potential customer. They saw the BIG benefit and came up with this: “When it absolutely, positively has to be there.”

The rest is history…

Dominos pizza was a struggling pizza chain when they coined their USP: “Fresh, hot pizza in 30 minutes or less.”

See how they didn’t try to compete on any other fronts apart from the time it takes to get a pizza to your door? They didn’t promise the best pizza, they didn’t guarantee freshness of ingredients. No. They just made a BIG promise to get your pizza delivered on time.

Tip: When they launched this USP it completely revolutionised the pizza industry…

So USP’s are powerful… we trust you realise that now. Developing a truly focused and memorable USP for your business can be difficult.

This is where we can be of assistance. we’ve developed a 30-point checklist that allows you to uncover a powerful USP for your business almost instantly…

Successful Business Advertising With 5 Sure-fire Ways To Grow Your Business.

We’ll take a quick look at each one (just to give you an idea of smart marketing practices) and move on and get back to the key focus of this report, which is your advertising.

Right, we’ve got a lot of ground to continue covering today, because you’re going to get five specific strategies to improve your advertising to boost sales and increase profits.

You see there’s a simple formula for business advertising success that works:

Eye Balls + Conversion = Profits

Get this right and you make more money.

If you want to get true breakthrough results, you want a diagnosis-and-prescription approach because that’s the real secret to growing your business.


business advertising
What if you can get more wins, nothing else matters…

Did you know just a few simple tweaks to your business advertising is all you need to start making your ads pay. However, before we go any further we want you to understand this…

Tip: Advertising is just one part of your marketing mix.

You shouldn’t rely on advertising alone to bring in new customers… there are many other cost effective ways that we teach you how to get new customers.

Remember, advertising is just one of those methods.

This free makeover session is all about your business advertising and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about…

business advertising
Big ideas and big results backed by proven business advertising…

You’re going to see how a few tweaks transforms your business advertising and can bring big ideas and big results with more new customers than you can handle.

Okay? The following five advertising methods for small business makes sure your next ad’s a winner. Contact us and we’d be happy to mail a conversion rate optimisation report.

The conversion rate optimisation report also contains recommendations on how you can apply these strategies into your own advertising.

The report gives you case-studies and specific to your industry examples of each of the five strategies we’re going to cover.

Okay? Right, let’s get started.

1: Direct Response Ads

From now on, forget about running any ads that don’t ask for a response.

Each and every ad you run from now on must be a direct response ad… this is an ad which specifically has a call to action and asks for a response of some kind.

It could be cutting out a coupon, call a 1800 number for more information, it could be to ask the prospect to cut out the ad and bring it in for a discount or freebie.

Whatever sales tool used for only one action, make sure the ad clearly asks for a response, it’s a direct response ad because that’s the only type of advertising you should be doing…

This is the only way to use direct response ads, so you easily measure conversation rates and response to your ad. This means you know straight away if it was successful or not.

2: Your Business Name Isn’t a Headline

Every ad needs a headline….

business advertising
Your business name isn’t a headline…

Sure, have your business name in the ad, still even better if you place it down the bottom.

Remember only the top of your ad belongs to the headline.

3: Headlines

Headlines make or break your ad…

Studies have showed many people only skim the paper. Still even more importantly, they skim the headlines.

If the headline of your ad doesn’t get their attention, they’re going to skip your ad as well.

So this is where you should spend most of your time… coming up with good, attention getting headlines.

Here’s a simple method to come up with the perfect headline.

Ask yourself:

“What’s the biggest benefit my customers get when using my product or service?”

You see, great headlines are more to do with your customers than they are to do with your product or service.

A great headline is what the customer gets, not what you are selling.

It’s all about your customer’s feelings…

There is a big difference,  so don’t focus on your product or business in headlines.

Instead, focus on what your product or service can do for the customer.

For example: Will your product or service save time or money? Will it make them look younger? Give them more energy?

What benefit do they get?

Look, people are searching for solutions to their problems.

So here’s another question to ask yourself:

“What problems does my product/service solve?”

The answer to these two questions will lead you to the right headline.

It’s all about them, your customers and prospects and what they get. Never about you and what you’re selling.

The Headline Is Primordial…

Here’s why…your first point of contact with your buyers is your headline. Therefore, it’s your one shot at making a memorable impression on your future customers.

Your headline is there to create an emotional bond with your audience. A headline is more desirable than a business name because it works in grabbing attention to solve problems.

Stop Smelly Feet Now!

Corns Gone in 5 Days or it’s FREE!

How to Quickly and Easily Lose Weight and Reshape Your Body!

How to Slash Your Credit Card Debt Fast!

Remember it’s all about your customers problems and what results they get…

Do you think adding a single letter to a headline really increase response by 300%?

Let me tell you a quick story…

A company selling mail order guitar lessons ran the following ad; Put Music In Your Life.

Not too bad a headline. They could have perhaps made the headline more specific. The mail order company decided to test a new headline.

They added one letter to the headline. The new headline became; Puts Music In Your Life.

As you can see they added the letter ‘S’ to the word Put.

A simple change but it changed the emphasis of the headline.

And it increased response to the ad by 300%. The word “Puts” implies the work has been done for you. That means people won’t have to do anything to get the desired result.

This appeals to one of the basic traits of human nature, which is laziness.

And human nature never changes. We’re all lazy in our own way. We all want something to be easy. So why am I telling you this story?

Would a one letter change to the headlines on your web pages, sales letters, ads, flyers or brochure increase your response by 300%?

Imagine 300% more leads and sales…

Make sure it’s crystal clear what you’re offering to your ideal prospect in your headline in your web pages, sales letters and ads:

  • Don’t be cute
  • Don’t try to be funny
  • Don’t try to entertain
  • Spell it out in crystal clear language so you get attention from your ideal prospect

Remember…your prospect has got a hundred tasks going on in their life when they read your ad, web page or any type of marketing.

They’re tired and hungry. Dog is barking. Wife is nagging.  They want to watch television. They’re in a hurry. They’re looking through their mail or they’re web pages.

And sorting the ones they want to read by the headlines:

  • “This is crap…”
  • “…Rubbish…”
  • “….Heard this BS before…”
  • “… Ah…. the all you can eat fat burning program, never heard of that before, I could do with losing a few kilos, perhaps I’d better read this one…”

4: How Offers Can Increase Your Advertising Profits

A powerful offer can turn a dull boring ad into a profit generating winner. It’s all in the offer. The better the offer, the less strings attached to the offer, the bigger your response.

This is the heart and sole of direct response advertising. You make an offer in your ad and your prospects respond to get the offer.

This is the start of a mailing list that you can mail to again and again for just a few cents.

Each time you follow up with a mailing you’ll make money.

Yes, it’s that simple…

5: Free Offers

The best offer to get new customers is a FREE report, free offer, free trial,  free consultation because there is simply no better way to get new customers clamouring to do business with you than by giving those customers something for free.

Before you start to shudder, consider the lifetime value of each customer…

The amount spent per visit by each customers multiplied by the number of times they shop with you each year, multiplied by the amount of years they stick with your business.

When we actually sit down and explain this formula to clients it’s like a giant light bulb has gone off in their heads.

Many business owners are astounded at just how much each customer is worth in life time value.

Here’s an example…

Let’s say a customer deals with you 10 times a year, spending $50 each visit and sticks with you for 5 years.

Well that customer is worth $2,500 in gross sales to your business over their life time.

Makes sense to spend a little money upfront in order to get new customers doesn’t it?

Especially when you know the numbers and in this case, you know each new customer will be worth $2,500 to your business.

So instead of running useless image-type ads, you run specific direct response ads with a free offer. You just can’t beat this system.

As mentioned above in the example your free offer could be a free report, free trial, free consultation, free pizza, whatever is appropriate to your business and target market.

You’ll find only a small percentage will take the freebie and buy nothing else. When you work out lifetime value of each customer, these kind of free promotions are affordable.

Free reports are a powerful strategy to use to build credibility with your prospects. So what’s a free report? Well, you’re reading one now.

To put it simply, a free report is basically…

 A step-by-step guide produced by an expert for the benefit of someone who wishes to achieve a specific result or goal.

So what’s so good about reports? Well it creates credibility in the eyes of your prospective customers. They see your ad offering free information on a topic that interests them.

You provide them with the information; maybe you solve a problem. You have educated them. You have established yourself as a knowledgeable professional.

In your prospects’ eyes you are now an expert in your chosen field.

And that’s what you want, instant credibility. This strategy works really well for service businesses. However, it can and does work for other businesses as well.

Take a plumber for example.

Instead of running useless ads with his name as a headline, he runs small ads that target his audience and offers a free report. His free report could be called…

7 Money Saving Water Wise Tips: How to Stops the Leaks in Your Home Without a Plumber

The report will give helpful advice. It’ll show the homeowners 7 ways to fix problem leaks in the home. But it’ll also contain a time-sensitive offer from the plumber.

Does it work? You bet it does.

Here’s an ad from a Roof Restoration.

In this business, there are a lot of “fly-by-nighters” or scammers who rip off old ladies with over priced quotes and inferior work.

So, being a savvy marketer, the guy behind this business ran an ad that looked like this…


“Don’t Get Your Roof Restored Until YOU Read This FREE Report!”

FREE Reports Reveals 21 Insider Secrets You Must Know, So YOU Avoid Becomig The Next Roof Restoration Victim Call 24 Hr TOLL FREE Recorded Message 1800 XXX XXX

This is a classic example of a direct response ad that offers a FREE report.

Pretty ugly isn’t it? Not pretty at all. The graphics people at the ad agencies would laugh and rather design something fancy, expensive and with no way of tracking the results.

Yes, this ad may be ugly. However, to the business owner who runs this ad it’s the most beautiful ad they’ve ever seen. Why?

You see, because each time they run this ad they makes more money, predictably, just like clockwork, time after time…

If you were looking for a new roof, let’s say you had broken tiles falling off your roof and your spouse is beginning to panic because the kids might get hurt.

What would you do if you saw this ad?

Would you call for the free report?

There’s a good chance you would.

The phone call is even free so you’re not risking a thing.

So, the prospect calls a message line (they don’t even have to talk to anyone, this is important) and a couple of days later, a report arrives in the mail.

The title reads…

“The 21 Insider Secrets You Must Know, So You Avoid Becoming The Next Roof Restoration Victim”

The report explains what to watch out for when dealing with roof restorers; what specific questions to ask to make sure you’re dealing with professionals…

Including a whole host of really interesting and relevant details to watch out for.

It finishes up with a special offer to use his service.

The results, the ad is working and the report is successfully selling the service. No more lengthy phone calls or face to face meetings.

A simple report can cut through all this and you’ll have a truly automated, customer generating system.

By the way … there is just one step we’d change in this ad which may increase response.

We’d make use of a “flagging statement”. A flagging statements purpose is to flag down qualified prospects, in this case, homeowners with tiled roofs, it would read…


Home Owners With Tiled Roofs!

And this then lead into the headline. Just a small tweak may increase response. So reports do work. The best tip is to choose an attention grabbing title for your report.

To do this effectively, you got to know your customers like the back of your hand.

What they want and what they desire… even what they fear. This way, you can precisely match wants, desires, and or fears into your report title.

So you’re giving them what they want and this almost guarantees a good response.

Here are a couple of other examples so you get the idea:

  • Accountants could offer a free consultation
  • Bakery could offer a free doughnut with every purchase
  • Carpet cleaner could offer a free room with every house cleaned
  • Service related business could offer a free report, whitepaper, etc…

You get the picture and it makes sense right?

A certain percentage will be interested, raise their hands and become new customers. They come in and get the freebie and they buy something else.

Yes, that’s how it works…

Okay… let’s quickly sum up your business advertising five points.

Number 1: Direct Response Ads: All your ads from now on should be direct response ads.

Number 2: Your Business Name Isn’t a Headline: Your business name goes down the bottom of your ad. It’s not a headline.

Number 3: Headlines: Every ad you run in the future should contain a headline. A headline that promises a benefit and or solves a problem.

Number 4: How Offers Can Increase Your Advertising Profits: An offer is the best way to get qualified prospects calling your number.

Number 5: Free Offers: Free offers with no strings attached work the best. Have a think on what you could offer to get customers to do business with you.

Right, they’re the five points, but wait there’s more…

Joint Ventures

Joint ventures with other non-competing businesses are one of the quickest ways to grow your business.

In fact, we’ve seen new businesses turn into overnight sensations, all through the power of a joint venture promotion.

So what’s a Joint Venture (JV)?

Well the most popular method is called a host or beneficiary relationship.

It’s simply an agreement between you and another business whereby you get access to their customers in return for a share of the profits.

Let’s say company A sells a debt reduction course through the mail and internet. They have 3,000 customers on their database.

Company B sells a software product which makes budgeting very easy. Company B then mails the 3,000 customers of Company A with a sales letter.

Now here’s where it gets even better…

Company A has written a one-page cover letter that actually endorses Company B’s product!

When the campaign is over, all expenses are tallied and deducted and any profit is usually split 50/50.

Can you see the power of this strategy to grow your business fast?

Company A has spent years and many thousands of dollars getting those 3,000 names and now Company B has full access to them for a one-shot mailing.

There are a few details to watch out for when doing JVs.

Having put together many dozens of them we know exactly what to look out for and we can save you a ton of time and frustration setting up these golden opportunities.

OK. How can you use all this valuable information to achieve the goals you have identified in your business advertising.

You want to be specific because the more specific actions you have set-up, the easier it becomes to keep track and follow through on the last step which is implementation.

What we can do is get on the phone and discuss these five points further, print you out a summary report and post it out to you.

This personalised report also contain tested and proven recommendations with relevant industry case-studies or examples on how you can apply these elements into your next ad.

We can also help you and your business in the following areas:

  • Advertising ideas and marketing advice
  • Marketing strategy to measurably grow your businesses
  • Unbiased technology recommendations
  • Highly professional project management
  • Search engine marketing, pay per click, media buys
  • Real-world sales and direct-response marketing
  • Understanding the psychology of consumers
  • High converting marketing funnels
  • Web analytics, split tests, multivariate testing
  • Results-based approach to everything…

Business Advertising

This may sound obvious, you want to get clear on who your market is from the outset.

Take time to map out really understand who is your target market.

The key points in defining your target market are:

  • Understand what are you selling and why are you selling and point out what is unique about your service or product
  • Understand what your target market are most interested in, want and say, figure the most cost effective way to deliver what you’re offering to solve those problems

As you can see your business advertising goes hand-in-hand in with your marketing plan.

One without the other means you’ll find you not only waste resources…you could also end up stuck without an idea of where to go.

There are many channels you can use to advertise or promote your products and services and the marketing channel you choose depends on your target market and ads budget.

Another crucial key is to always measure your business advertising campaigns each time you launch in order to see what works and what doesn’t.

You want to set-up a framework for measuring the success of your advertisements as testing is the single most important step which you can do to guarantee improvements.

Whatever method you choose to use, stick with methods of evaluation and monitoring to help you to understand effectiveness of your advertising and return on investment (ROI).

You can leverage this crucial information to guide you in the future…

There are a number of laws which govern advertising to ensure honest practices and to find out more visit the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission

Want to get your conventional business advertising crushing your competition?

Enroll in our free marketing strategy course where we reveal the truth about what the big brands and competitors dominating your industry work hard to keep you from knowing.

Curious to find out their secret marketing funnel

Business Advertising

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