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Product Packaging – How To Influence Buying Decisions

Why Product Packaging Is A Powerful Marketing Tool?

Imagine you’re shopping…looking at one laundry detergent after another. All offers are essentially the same, right?

The products’ claim or promise, its easy to pour, clean clothes, smell fresh, etc…

So how do you make a decision to buy one over another?

Is it the color of bottle, price or familiar logo?

Do you go for the brand your mother is loyal to?

Or do you care more about a brand with a phosphate-free formula and environmentally friendly packaging?

There’s too many options and not enough time for most shoppers to take all these factors into consideration.

To make this easier, your brain relies on scanning and recognition of brands, colors, icons, associated emotions and images…

All of which ultimately reduce cognitive load required to make a decision.

Using these cues enables us to act quickly.

By understanding the numbers with science behind why we buy and how we buy,  your brand can create product packaging  which engages and better connects with the undecided consumer.

You can’t expect customers to become evangelists of your product, you’ve got to provide the incentives and platform for them to do so.

product packaging
Product packaging goes hand in hand with advertising, branding and business success…

All of this is branding and that’s immensely powerful.

This infographic outlines how typography, color, and icons affect the buying process.

And why special attention to your product packaging needs to be a priority for your brand.

But you don’t simply set up product packaging and hope they work.

Forget conventional wisdom which says if a business or company lacks growth…it should invest more money in sales and marketing.

The reality is your product is probably broken in at least one way.

And you must be aware of the market data and other crucial sales information, which tells you where those problems are…

Keeping your growth going is a step unto itself.

And just because you’ve achieved product market fit, it doesn’t mean your product packaging is flawless.

And there aren’t areas still needing to be tweaked and improved.

You must dive deeply into the analytics available, then refine and tweak until you get maximum results.

Remember, as small business owners,  you don’t think branding is a waste of time or worthless…

It’s just not worth the premium traditional marketers pay for it.

Savvy business owner isn’t going to try and create brand awareness by buying product placement on national television…

Or by paying a celebrity to be associated with your product.

Instead, you’ll look for ways to get social currency for free…does that make sense?

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