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Free Report Reveals Australia’s Most Powerful and Fastest Way To Get Cash…

marketing funnel
The most powerful and fastest way to get cash…

“The No 1 Tool That Allows Your Business To  Unlock More Buyers Without Losing Profits!”

In Fact, The Best BIG-Brands Use This Powerful Tool For Highest-Conversion And Most Profitable Marketing Funnel

Do you know what’s really working best and being done right now to power the highest-converting marketing funnel?

You’re reading this special report because:

  • You have product(s) or service(s) you believe in
  • You need a reliable source of traffic so you can sell more products or services consistently
  • You have a marketing funnel in place for upsells, downsells, cross-sells, etc…

Marketing funnel is pretty simple to put together,  once it’s done and in place you’re able to scale your business and profits…

So, why do 95% of businesses fail to set-up a marketing funnel which stops buyer indecision and converts more prospects into buyers?

marketing funnel
Frustrated and struggling to find ways to increase profits…

It’s not a joke, theory or untested, you already know business has changed forever, and for 99% of businesses it’s a massive problem as they struggle to keep up with the changing landscape of savvy buyers.

Dear Business Owner,

These days, more than before you want your cash fast and you want a simple tool, which allows you to unlock more hungry buyers and maximise profits. Allow me to explain why…

It’s all about improving your buyer’s overall user experience, specific to your marketing funnel which you can simply apply and deploy by leveraging your sales and promotions.

Think of the Ferrari V12 engine as the Big-Brand in your business. Imagine the amount of
money left on the table, because 50% or 6 spark plugs have closed gaps and are not firing.

The spark plug in context to your marketing funnel is really all about closed loop buyers, changing the relationship from prospect to customer and increasing your customer value.

Now , if you focus on fixing the 6 defective spark plugs, you’ll optimise customer lifetime value. In your business this equates to significantly boosting profits, (all revealed later)…

Tip: Want a tool that puts you in drivers seat, back in control, arms you with a proven marketing funnel to boost your bottom line by an order of magnitude…in no time!

Look, what the Big-Brands do differently from almost all small to medium enterprises (SMEs) is leverage cash flow, explode revenue and make obscene amounts of money…

Imagine you deploy a lucrative tool, which works by multiplying buyers and doing all the heavy lifting for you. So how essential would it be in the buyer’s decision making process.

You’re probably thinking this sounds too good to be true or if this would be a good fit?

First to make it crystal clear, what we’re suggesting is any small to medium enterprise or business owner who reads this report can get better results and we do mean everyone.

Here’s The Most Crucial Reason Why You’ll Want To Keep Reading Now…

This report reveals a competition-crushing “easier on buyer experience” which really empowers and transforms your prospects into buyers faster without losing a fortune.

What’s equally as important is how to leverage this secret tool in your business, including how to radically increase profits and conversions. Do you feel it sounds too complicated?

Let’s face it, there’s the pain, stress, frustration and struggle when it all goes wrong, so
you want to avoid leaving money on the table in lost sales, cash flow, revenue and profits.

What if you feel overwhelmed, stuck and frustrated, because just about every facet of the marketing funnel is getting more complex and competitive, right?

Most of what you hear is based on complicated, convoluted and short term hit-or-miss. What you really want is measurable results like more buyers and higher profits.

Executing the wrong plan brilliantly can still leave you out of pocket. If any of these situations sound familiar, you’re certainly not alone.

Too much focus on tactics, it’s all too easy to wind up spinning your wheels, doing a lot of activity and spending lots of money, but ultimately losing traction to your competitors.

And so you find yourself back to square one…

Is Your Revenue Reliant On Buyers Buying Your Products and Services?

You know simple screw-ups can mean losing sales, (can leave you dead in the water)…

And believe it or not, this is especially true when it comes to sales with so many factors out of your control, and just about everyone absolutely hates being pressured into buying.

What is an “easier on buyer experience” and why would you want a simple sales tool which is non-threatening and automated in your marketing funnel? Do you know the answer?

Unless you cover all bases and deliver what buyers want, when they’re immediately ready-to-buy, you’re going to turn-off 75% of your buyers, (more on that in just a moment)

Let’s start with the basics of a marketing funnel everyone is familiar with for example prospects typically only have one or two payment choices for your products and services.

Look, the scary game in sales is you think you know why he or she  buys or doesn’t buy, what if you use the right tool at the right time, so you can quickly flip-it to your advantage?

How To Get Your Own Ferrari Of Marketing Funnels…Made 100% Easy!

You want a marketing funnel which refines your marketing and squeezes as much profit as possible from your marketing with the level of income you know is possible, right?

Tip: Here’s how to win. You simply use a proven blueprint to strategically position the offer. Do it at the right time you’ll eliminate buyer’s risk and turning off 75% of buyers.

Keep reading and you’ll learn the uncensored, shocking behind-the-scenes peek and dissection of the highest conversion from the front to back-end of marketing funnel…

marketing funnel
How to radically increase profits and conversions…

Most marketing experts say the traditional marketing funnel doesn’t work anymore, however these 3 key areas of the Big-Brand marketing funnel work like gangbusters:

  1. Buyer experience (positioning)
  2. Marketing mix measurement
  3. Business value of marketing

Discovering the Big-Brand’s best kept secret and “easier on buyer experience” means you can better position your front-end and back-end marketing funnel offers…

Why focus on buyers who buy over and over again for increased profits in the fastest time?

Did you know Big-Brands are “buyer lifecycle” focused? Everything they do is structured towards low risk, total brand exposure and high-conversion optimisation.

Why wouldn’t you want to model the best Big-Brand’s marketing funnel, handed to you on a silver platter, which allows your business incredible competitive advantages?

Tip: Only a handful of SMEs ever get to structure their marketing funnel for “easier on buyer experience” designed to explode revenue and maximise profits like clockwork…

The Radical And Simple, Yet Fastest Way To Increase Your Sales By 30%…

What most small to medium enterprises do to increase their sales, the first step is spend more money on buying advertising and that’s where the majority of SMEs turn first.

Tip: Change is not easy and requires a radical change in the culture of the business.

Still by doing that, they’re making a huge mistake, wasting money needlessly, and often waste a lot of money, (how to avoid blowing huge sums of money trying to get it all right)…

marketing funnel
The stress of costly advertising mistakes and spending money looking for buyers…

There’s the cost of spending money looking for buyers in the wrong places and costly mistakes of using the wrong media channels, most screw-up their ads and campaigns:

  • Defining your sales goal
  • Identifying your value add
  • Criteria and opportunities
  • Determining profitability
  • Controlling cash and capital
  • Executing on marketing plan
  • Tracking and improving results

So what’s the solution? How can you increase your sales by 30% without investing another cent. The answer is to substantially increase the number of buyers you’re already getting.

So if you were to get 30% more buyers and your conversion rate remains the same, you’ve just increased your sales by 30% and it wouldn’t cost you a cent.

Tip: The fact is over many years, the Big-Brands have developed a nearly foolproof system for increasing the number of buyers by 170% to 600% and often much more…

Revealed The Big-Brand’s Mysterious Secret Tool You Strategically Want To  Get Your Hands On.

Here’s the great benefits you’ll be able to offer, arguable the best strategic, added-value and proven blueprint used to almost effortlessly explode revenue and increase profits 389% or more than competitors:

  1. Benefits of no deposits
  2. Benefits of interest free payments
  3. Benefits of rental or lease options

You see, this makes choosing your business a piece of cake. Its affordable for you to deploy, so you don’t need to be a Big-Brand paying hundreds of thousands of dollars.

OK now lets tie this all together. You simply model the same strategy for your business, makes sense right?

Introducing the “Savvy SMEs Tool” which is a unique positioning tool squarely aimed at your ideal buyer’s buying hot buttons, which ensures you’re always focusing on the critical constraint that is holding you back from better results.

Benefits of no deposit, the most important tip if you really want to unlock more hungry buyers and still maximise profits without suffering losses in sales.

Benefits of interest free payments, you absolutely must do this if you really want to unlock more hungry buyers and still maximise profits without suffering losses in sales, cash flow and bad debts.

By the way, if you really want to free-up cash from inventory and to avoid bad debts fast, you must avoid the most costly pitfalls, sales constraints and struggles of competing on price (more on that later)…

Benefits of rental or lease options the reason this works to unlock more hungry buyers and still maximise profits is because the “Savvy SMEs Tool” arms you with a proven marketing funnel for boosting your bottom line by an order of magnitude…in no time.

Tip: The “Savvy SMEs Tool” is simple, yet powerful because it can be a really lucrative sales tool, which works by multiplying buyers and doing all the heavy lifting for you.

marketing funnel
What if you use the right tool at the right time…

In fact, the “Savvy SMEs Tool” is a newfound confidence in your previously untapped ability to flat out destroy competition and shoot sales through the roof…

The Big-Brand Marketing Funnel Really Works Incredibly Well For Most SMEs

Tip: Look closer and you’ll see why the “Savvy SMEs Tool” is the right tool at the right time, key to offering easier finance, heck of a lot more sales and more satisfied buyers.

Now, you know why the “Savvy SMEs Tool” is more important than ever before because your buyers in this day and age craves easier payment options.

Yes, and that’s one reason why Big-Brands make obscene amounts of money…

Tip: Quick example of revenue in advance in context to credit terms from suppliers; it means you get products you can sell now, yet you don’t have to pay until a later date.

These finance benefits immediately give you reduced risk and less of a drain on your cash flow, which can be an immense source of value in your business.

Also you’re not borrowing more money as suppliers are financing your operations.

Do you see why the Big-Brands spend insanely on high-end advertising and marketing?

Yes, are you just a little bit curious to find out  more, (we’ll cover that in just a moment)…

Of course your marketing can get a lot easier for you now because it’s straightforward.  So how to use the exact same “Savvy SMEs Tool” without higher costs of doing business?

Would You Want The Exact Same Time Tested And Proven Blueprint?

SMEs can immediately get competitive advantages and enjoy similar Big-Brand edge with more dependable sales and reduced risk by modelling the ideal delivery system:

  • Online
  • Radio
  • Newspaper
  • Magazines
  • Television
  • Direct mail
  • Telephone directory…

Listen,  which medium best fits your industry if you had the proven Big-Brand blueprint?

The Big-Brands spend years tweaking their marketing funnel and optimising a variety of high conversion delivery systems to target buyers via media channels on a weekly basis.

Yes, the “Savvy SMEs Tool” effectively is an intangible asset used to transform sales by effectively targeting buyers, generating cash flow and heck of a lot more sales (volume)…

Just one tiny tweak to the marketing funnel, shifting focus on a campaign can reach and connect more buyers, the “Savvy SMEs Tool” allows up to 353% or more increase in sales.

Best part is it uses no pressure tactics and is specifically designed for what you offer…

What Do The Highest-Converting Marketing Funnels Have In Common?

By the way, while we’re on the subject of freeing-up cash flow, have you ever wanted to avoid the associated cash flow problems, which are often referred by the media as:

  • Softening sales environment
  • Pricing erosions

Did you know the traditional model can send you broke, especially if you sell a lot more of your products or services because of increased risks of debtors and decreased cash flow.

If you use the “Savvy SMEs Tool” in your business, 3 results happen:

  • It makes sales an absolute no-brainer
  • You enjoy sustainable and ongoing sales
  • Get cash paid into your account within 24 hrs

What If You Think Differently About Your Buyers and Marketing Funnel?

Thinking differently is the only way most profitable and best Big-Brands are structured.

That means every step in the marketing funnel is structured and optimised for results compared to the way average businesses do not, it’s bizarre how this really works…

marketing funnel
A high converting blueprint which has already been proven to be effective by the best and most successful Big-Brands…

One way to use the “Savvy SMEs Tool” is to focus on high-end or high-value products and services by better positioning your offers to eager buyers (immediate buyer desires).

It’s vitally important to get in front of buyers, that allows your marketing funnel to work and that way you can better communicate to your target buyers and prospective buyers.

Tip: Buyers get to know you as the No 1 trusted authority and not your competition.

Now, let’s continue to breakdown the core 3 key steps into specific, practical reasons and how to activate each within your business…

The “Savvy SMEs Tool” Could Mean All The Difference In Your Business…

What if you want to get a complete blueprint with in-depth training of the most powerful marketing funnel and sales methodology ever deployed in your industry?

Whatever you do, you already know your buyers expect easy payment options and “easier on buyer experience”…that’s a given and is being already offered as standard practices.

What you’ll see is how to apply a tested and proven formula faster, easier and much better structured to eliminate price resistance and buyer’s remorse (including buyer skepticism).

Tip: Just say these magic words “6 months interest free” or “no deposit” or “no ongoing fees”…etc, buyers are like putty in your hands, (you get the BIG picture).

How To Solve Your Bad Debtors And The Most Costly Cash Flow Problems!

Tip: It is useful to understand the buyers lifecycle which explains how your stock and debtors tie up cash in your business. 

Did you know you can avoid the most costly debt worries, stomach churning pitfalls, sales constraints and cash struggles of competing on price? Absolutely yes is the short answer!

Imagine inventory as bags of cash you can’t get your hands on until it is sold. If you can manage inventory better, you reduce your debt load or release cash into your business.

Obviously you don’t want to play a losing game and fall into a trap of high risk price wars, which impacts debtors, margins, cash flow and contributes to further pricing erosion.

Tip: The worst part is business becomes really tough and crumbles sooner or later.

The fact is, you can be offering finance in context with credit terms your buyers want, so you are offering a form of consumer or commercial loan that is buy now and pay later.

The “Savvy SMEs Tool” allows you to offer loans which are enforced by a finance provider.

You want a clear call to action to deliver a powerful, yet simple way to boost, re-invigorate and capitalise on buyer’s decisions now (no matter what stage in the marketing funnel).

Just imagine how effortlessly cash works for you now, and how much more cash flow you have by using the “Savvy SMEs Tool”…just beat debt using the right tool at the right time.

Simply Model The Best Big-Brands And Use The “Savvy SMEs Tool” For No More Guess-Work, Trial-And-Error…

If you deploy the “Savvy SMEs Tool” in your business, 3 results happen:

  1. It makes sales an absolute no-brainer
  2. You enjoy sustainable and ongoing  cash flow
  3. Get cash paid into your account within 24 hrs

On top of all that, if you harness one priceless tip from modelling a proven marketing funnel blueprint it quickly allows you to transform sales by using the “Savvy SMEs Tool”

marketing funnel
Lucrative marketing funnel made easier…

You’re here because you want help to transform your sales and increase profits fast, so what if you’re a SME in need of fresh cash flow ideas and proven growth strategies?

Yes, the new model means more sales and more cash flow…you heard that right!

You can do it without using any sales pressure, you won’t have to convince anyone of anything, you won’t have to talk about yourself or your products or services much at all.

Here’s how you can use 3 simple short cuts in your business today, which are already working for the Big-Brands to double, triple and even quadruple their weekly revenues.

Clearly, buyers actually do the selling for you when you use the “Savvy SMEs Tool”, it is better, cheaper and faster; easy finance is key and a natural extension of doing business.

Reason #1: The “Savvy SMEs Tool” is super easy to implement. The power is how this simple marketing funnel motivates buyers (prospects and customers) to take action.

Reason #2: You want this new model working in your business, because it takes the fear away from your buyer’s immediate buying decision and makes it more enjoyable.

Reason #3:  Short cut to joining the Big-Brands. You can simply model what’s proven to be working now so you can quickly get started what so many others are already enjoying.

Would this “Savvy SMEs Tool” which allows top-performing Big-Brands to make it easier to transform their cashflow still be a good fit for your business?

Do you deserve to get more out of your life, including more enjoyment out of doing business, and still achieve significant sales while satisfying buyers, makes sense right?

Now, you have the ultimate goal with road map for moving forward to the next level.

What if you also really want access to more ready-to-buy prospects in order to boost cash flow and accelerate your business growth?

Right out of the box, you apply this proven formula to your marketing funnel and help your buyers by offering easier, fast, convenient, flexible interest free payment options.

Could you imagine this top-performing road map not working in your business? More buyers means the power of high-conversions and every business wants more profits.

What’s The Single Most Crucial Aspect Of Making A Well Informed Decision?

What if we handed you the “Savvy SMEs Tool” with a powerful cutting-edge marketing strategy which helps increase cash flow, get more buyers, retain and sell more to buyers?

In fact, it is so much easier to integrate within your business, so would you be better to focus on the high margin or high value sales?

Imagine tapping into your buyer’s immediate buying desire, they’re hot and ready-to-buy and because the “Savvy SMEs Tool” allows you to quickly offer easier payment options

Do you think offering easy payment options wouldn’t work for your product or service?

Guess what? Buying decisions are made fast and easy, either way its a win-win. Yes, really it is that simple, yet abundantly clear and powerful, more than most people ever realise…

Look, we know you probably have seen and heard it all when it comes to slick marketing, sales and selling, most of it smells to high heavens.

The tip you absolutely must avoid if you want to skyrocket your profits is bad debtors:

  • Decreased cash flows
  • Increased risk of defaults
  • Recovering unpaid goods
  • Additional administration costs

Are you ready to explore the quick start guide to eliminating debtors, you know what we’re talking about here, this is perhaps your wake-up call to take action.

Join the SMEs just like yours enjoying their new lines of credit…our favorite part is seeing you increase your sales and avoid the costly pitfalls of debtors (decreased cash flow).

Finally, You Have 2 Simple Choices…

You can continue as you are hoping you get more sales, wishing for more conversions, and greater revenue; still wind up months or even years from now, in the same exact place as you are right now.

You can continue to go it alone…you might be lucky to hit the right finance provider and establish a good relationship or maybe you’ll win the lottery (same chances)

OR…you can choose to be savvy and smarter by proving you’re 100% committed to your financial success starting today.

You deserve to escape frustration, disappointment and struggles of trying to do it on your own, so here’s the quick solution to using the “Savvy SMEs Tool” behind the Big-Brands.

Tip: We’ll walk you step-by-step through the whole process from having no consumer or commercial finance packages at all to where this can start earning you cash.

Get started using the “Savvy SMEs Tool” which does most of the heavy lifting for you.

Here’s What To Do Next…

Simply enter your name and email below to get your hands on cash fast.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering why there is no catch to this offer? Simply because there really is no catch!

This isn’t a gimmick or sales pitch. In fact, it literally doesn’t get any easier, we trust we have demonstrated the real power and value so you won’t regret taking action today!

Imagine how much easier your business is using a tested and proven formula, which allows you to enjoy the cash flow benefits, transforms your sales and increases profits.

What’s important about the “Savvy SMEs Tool” is it doesn’t use traditional sales tactics.

You get cash paid into your account within 24 hrs. No pressure, convincing or any of the set-backs you might associate with hard selling, simply this formula works much better.

If you love the results, this can be the start of something amazing and a good business relationship for years to come. Still with all that said, there’s one last step to keep in mind.

Let’s Quickly Recap Why This Is Truly Colossal And Amazing Without Doubt Easier Even Non Big-Brands Can Do It.

Yes, you see you’ll be using a blueprint which has already been proven to be effective by the best and most successful Big-Brands to get infinite sales and explode revenue.

You want results and to get this working in your business…that’s what it’s all about.

Listen, every savvy SMEs needs a system in place using a formula to make sales easier.

You can do it in a fraction of the time you’re spending now and that gives you freedom with greater power to focus on increasing your profitability.

Remember: To help you rest even easier, we’ll show you how to get an enjoyable edge, plus exactly how easy it is to get your high conversion marketing funnel optimised, ready to go almost effortlessly simply by following the formula:

  • This proven formula alone can double or triple your sales and quickly give you a tool you can use in your business for a competitive edge.
  • If you’re ready to use the “Savvy SMEs Tool” this is the single most valuable tool you can get for your own business.

Keep in mind, you simply do not want to hide this powerful tool the “Savvy SMEs Tool” because using it means there’s more money for you and more satisfied customers.

You win either way. Right now is the right time to get started and eliminate all guesswork, all the sales friction, all the hard work…and continued success is waiting for you!

Time Is Of The Essence…

There are 3 ways to make more money:

  1. Front-end sales means there is a value to get a new customer as in acquisition cost to get more buyers into your marketing funnel
  2. Increase each sale, make more money per product, service, order
  3. Increase your conversion rates by selling more to repeat buyers…
interest free
Interest free, no deposit and no upfront or ongoing fees for your buyers

The money is in the back-end of your marketing funnel. You know where to invest your time and money to achieve exponential growth and maximise your return on investment.

On this end, the commitment and service we provide is a matter of supply and demand.

We’re providing you with full support and training where you’re not only seeing every aspect of a winning marketing funnel, you’re actually shown how to implement it.

Time Limited Offer: Get Started Today Before The “Savvy SMEs Tool” Is Gone…

In fact, you’re going to demand and expect to prove you’re ready to take action. Why?

This isn’t for everyone, because we only accept dedicated and serious small to medium enterprises or business owner wanting the fastest way possible to get more buyers.

Now, before we share with you the success other SMEs are seeing, let’s make it abundantly clear who would ideally be a good fit because this is very important:

  • You’re an ABN or ACN holder
  • You’re already in business for more than 2 years
  • Directors have clear credit history
  • You offer good-quality products or services, there is demand for what you sell (we can’t create demand where none exists)
  • You already understand and appreciate how important easier flexible payment option is in your marketing mix
  • You’re not looking to be convinced the “Savvy SMEs Tool” can work for you
  • You’re a forward thinker, understand value and importance of integrated strategy
  • You believe you would be able to add minimum of $250,000 to your revenue in the next 12 months, even if you don’t know the “how”
  • You’re ready to deploy in the right order and apply at right time for right reasons
  • Taking action is one of your top priorities right now

The “Savvy SMEs Tool” is ideally positioned to empower you to make a truck load of cash and do it faster than ever with… competitive advantages to get more buyers and increase your sales volume by offering buyers easier flexible payment options.

Remember: The “Savvy SMEs Tool” is a unique positioning tool squarely aimed at your ideal buyer’s buying hot buttons, which ensures you’re always focusing on the critical constraint that is holding you back from better results.

Next you’ll see your enrollment application below in order to reserve your spot and get access; just fill in your details and we’ll call you back within 48 hours (2 business days).

So don’t waste our time or yours if you’re not totally serious about increasing your cash flow, while discovering the real power of “Savvy SMEs Tool” applying it in your business.

Why wait? Slots are filling up fast. Simply enter your name and email to participate (ONLY 9, 3 slots left) you must act now while the door is still open for you to take advantage.

This limited-time offer may be gone today, tomorrow or next week. You don’t want to take chances and feel you’ve missed out if it’s no longer available, (won’t be for much longer)…

WARNING: Only a select handful of SMEs get access, because of the time, resources and commitment we restrict numbers. Apply below, avoid disappointment, do it right now!

The Savvy SMEs Tool Application: It’s time for you to upgrade your marketing funnel and buyer’s experience. Extend standard payments with flexible and easier options.


Any questions about the “Savvy SMEs Tool? 
We’re happy to answer just send an email to:

P.S. Thanks for reading this report, look forward to empowering you so you can enjoy more financial rewards and lifestyle by offering buyers easier flexible payment options!

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