Savvy SMEs Tool

The “Savvy SMEs Tool” Allows You To Transform The Way You Increase Your Number Of Sales…

You are busy, you’ve got your hands tied trying to find ways to increase sales and you know it’s really tough to compete against the larger and more established brands…

Less cash in means more cash out. Why smart businesses make more money with minimum out-of-pocket costs and the highest return on marketing?

Dear Business Owner,

Whether you like it or not, marketing is crucial for all businesses. The “Savvy SMEs Tool” is designed to make winning companies bigger winners more often.

There’s a story about a luxury ocean liner that ground to a halt while sailing the Mediterranean…

Fortunately, one of the crew members remembered a retired master engineer who lived nearby in Cyprus, so the captain had him urgently flown out  to the distressed liner.

When the retired engineer arrived on board, he went down to the engine room, did a scan and felt the pipes with his hands, he took out a stethoscope and listened to the oil pumps.

Finally, he placed one of his hands on the pressure gauge and with his eyes closed…

After a moment of silence, in one’s own good time he took out a little rubber mallet and gently tapped on the gauge.

Suddenly, the luxury ocean liner roared to life…

The captain of the luxury ocean liner was very grateful and relieved.

However, moments after receiving the bill, his tempter flared from the shock, blinded with outrage and fury because the retired engineer submitted a bill for $10,000.

The captain quickly handed back the bill and obnoxiously demanded to explain how to justify $10,000 with a list of individual items, yet wasn’t expecting what he got in return.

Here’s the itemised bill the retired engineer submitted:

  • Tapping with a little rubber mallet: $0.05
  • Knowing where to tap: $9,999.95

Want To Know Exactly What Retail Finance Tool To Use And Where To Tap?

If you’re like most business owners or sales managers, the biggest opportunity to grow your customer base and increase your number of sales opportunities, makes sense right?

Would you rather keep banging your head against the wall, spending more time and money, struggling to increase your closing rate on sales opportunities you already have?

Consumers are demanding new types of finance services, and technology innovations
are enabling businesses to change the way they price and deliver products and services…

 finance services
Finance services to free up your cash flow and manage seasonal fluctuations or unexpected operating expenses…

Imagine instead of asking prospects to make a big buying decision, you can break your sales process down into a series of easy payments without you taking on more of the risks.

Please allow me to explain…

In many industries they are having to quickly adapt to new trends as consumers are looking for more flexible and convenient ways of paying for products and services.

Shifting cultural norms, economic problems and steady advances in technology are
changing the way consumers think about how they want to access products and services.

The trend of flexible easy finance payment options have helped to make value and convenience more appealing to consumers than the intrinsic satisfaction they once derived from saving and paying cash for ownership.

They have grown comfortable with the idea of using rather than buying products and services. Customers expect your business to give them these options in user friendly and secure environments.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statements:

  • Your business is seeing changes in how consumers in general prefer to get access to products and services
  • Your business is seeing changes in how your own customers prefer to get access to your product and services
  • The impact of behavioural changes among consumers in how they get access to products and services is underestimated by your business

Let’s face it, these days consumers have instant internet access to finance services to borrow money electronically without the time delays and costs associated with banks.

This model is of particular interest to consumers, who have grown up being able to quickly access email, do banking and get groceries delivered, all from laptops and mobile phones.

The Secret Business Asset

Clinging to old beliefs in these uncertain times is a recipe for disaster. Want to profit from one of the simplest, yet most misunderstood, low-risk financial tools available?

The “Savvy SMEs Tool” is a value-added business asset, eye-opening strategy, which can
bring real benefits to your business to diversify sales opportunities and risks.

What do you see as the main benefits to your customers:

  • Reduced transaction costs
  • More convenient use of your products and services
  • Easier to upgrade or downgrade products and services
  • Reduced amount of waste from underused assets
  • More convenient payment for products and services
  • Greater personalisation of products and services

Consumers demand greater convenience and recognise the value in having access to products without the burden of cash in a way previous generations may not have had.

That’s a big problem for traditional models, which requires upfront financing by the business to  cover the initial cost to deliver the product or service, as well as cash flow to cover maintenance,  insurance and any other ancillary business costs, etc…

This Is A Pay-As-You-Go Economy.

To succeed, SMEs would need to leverage cost-effective payment and delivery  infrastructures, which support this environment, which is really all about added-value and convenience.

The time and cost-savings from which consumers can benefit through new consumption models can translate into financial benefits for the savvy businesses that can deliver these products and services.

Building a seamless “easier on customer experience” is the most important factor, and that takes a lot of effort on the back end, however the “Savvy SMEs Tool” takes care of it.

Your Customers Expect To Pay For Outcomes, Not The Product…

The demand has potential to upend long established businesses, which are built on a financial foundation of receiving full upfront payment in exchange for outright ownership of products.

How is your business primarily changing or how do you intend to change the way you price and deliver your products and services?

That number jumps to 67% in Australia, compared with 42% in the US and 48% in the UK.

Adapting pricing and delivery is a necessary part of the transition from one-off sales to rental or leasing, which provides greater financial stability by turning a single sale into a long-term revenue stream.

Unleashing Your Sales To A New Level

The “Savvy SMEs Tool” allows you to empower and take advantage of sales opportunities,
refine and squeeze as much profit as possible from your advertising and marketing efforts

For savvy businesses the leading benefits of these retail finance model is access to:

  • New sales and revenue opportunities (37%)
  • Differentiation from competitors (27%)
  • Accessing new customer segments (27%)
  • Increasing customer loyalty (25%)

Tip: Add to the list strengthening your brand and accessing new product markets…

This also allows your businesses to form closer relationships with customers you serve.

It is a real added-value proposition which opens up doors for long-term customer relationships with multiple  touch-points with broader and deeper revenue streams.

In fact, the revenue impact from these retail finance models is on an upward trend:

  • Smaller companies are more likely to anticipate a significant increase (34%)
  • Compared with 21% of larger companies

Consumers are getting accustomed to pay-as-you-go models and they like that flexibility.

For consumers it means they can instantly get all the capabilities without having to pay up front and they have better control over their spend…

Personal ownership also means reduced transaction costs and more convenient use of products and services, which are the biggest benefits for consumers.

Any where you’ve got fairly expensive products or services that customers don’t feel they have to own, the “Savvy SMEs Tool” allows you to transform the way you increase sales.

You want a finance solution which can free up your cash flow and empower the way you manage debtors, seasonal fluctuations or unexpected operating expenses right?

The benefits of using the “Savvy SMEs Tool” approach in your business is prospects are more likely to respond because it’s much easier to buy products and services from you.

The “Savvy SMEs Tool” encourages targeted prospects to identify themselves you can focus your lead generation and selling on only those people who are most likely to buy.

Prospects also like this approach because they feel more in control of the buying process.

What’s the cost if you’re still confronted daily by the same three critical problems:

  1. Your sales have dropped off significantly in the past year to 18 months
  2. You’re investing significantly more time and money in marketing
  3. Regardless of what you do, it doesn’t improve your sales volume

The “Easier On Buyer Experience” Is Increasingly Crucial Still Even More Difficult To Get Right…

So the real  question is, “why does this happen?”

Tip: The answer may surprise you, may even shock you, however the best part is you also know the solution…

As a small or medium sized enterprise you know buyers are using you for your expert product knowledge and great customer service skills, only to purchase the exact same product from leading big-brands, because they’re able to offer flexible payment options.

finance services
What if you could offer your buyers easy and flexible payment options…

The blunt truth is  you know from your own experiences a high percentage of prospective buyers just won’t buy or will go elsewhere if financing their purchase isn’t available.

You want a simple tool which enables you to grow your business revenues whilst reducing costs and free-up more of your cash flow, so you can focus on a more profitable business.

The Only Focus Is On Your Next Sale…

We understand, and hear you loud and clear that’s why we trust you’re ready to radically transform your business for the better in context to professionally and financially.

The essence of the “Savvy SMEs Tool” as a strategy is your prospects are now coming to you, rather than you going to them.

You get to deal with a more motivated prospective buyer who trusts you and understands the true value you offer. The best part is there’s very little “selling” involved…

What we’d like to show you how to based on your request and countless other businesses just like you have discovered is a simple yet highly effective way to:

  • Boost sales and increase your profits
  • Make your marketing campaigns accountable
  • Reduce risk of defaults, debts and admin costs
  • Stay head, maintain and crush your competition
  • Get a competitive edge in your market place

For the best results, you need to view the “Savvy SMEs Tool” as strategy of information and education, not just another tactic you throw out there and quickly forget about.

You see, this makes choosing your business a piece of cake. Its affordable for you to deploy, so you don’t need to be a Big-Brand paying hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This optimised marketing funnel eliminates dead weight and helps you sell more with less marketing waste, effort and expense, plus can run for years with little or no intervention…

The reason a lot of businesses stall in growth is because they aren’t continually  finding and testing new ways to tweak their marketing funnel.

What if you focused on finding and testing new ways to tweak your marketing funnel.

Imagine at least 9 hours a week to growing your marketing campaigns, you could see your revenue and profit growing month after month.

Now, before you start on your marketing funnel tweaking process, make sure you:

  • Allocate a specific time frame and budget
  • Test at least one new marketing channel per week
  • Do not spend more than 3 days to get a campaign set-up
  • Cut marketing channels which are losing you a lot of money
  • Allocate approx 30 days to growing each marketing channel
  • Experiment for 30 days optimising each channel before you tweak

Tip: Never stop tweaking, testing and maintaining…

As it happens, we’re specialists in setting up and optimising high-converting marketing funnels, which provide you with more selling opportunities, qualified leads and sales.

So, how do you find and test your new marketing channels?

The “Savvy SMEs Tool” is a unique positioning tool squarely aimed at your ideal buyer’s buying hot buttons, which ensures you’re always focusing on the critical constraint that is holding you back from better results:

  • No deposit finance
  • Interest free
  • Rental and lease
  • Competitive interest bearing finance
  • And much more…

You know these steps within your marketing funnel makes a significant difference because you can simply model the same proven strategy for your own business, makes sense right?

In the spirit of full disclosure, this limited offer isn’t marketing or sales hype, in fact, this is limited because we’re not out to sign-up every small to medium size enterprises (SMEs).

Finally, we know you’re going to be knocked out by what you discover and how this simple yet powerful sales tool transforms and empowers you to sell more by marketing less…

arrows down


The “Savvy SMEs Tool” also create new opportunities for businesses to engage with
customers on a more regular basis and nurture stronger relationships.

For savvy businesses, the leading benefits are access to new revenue opportunities (37%), differentiation from competitors (27%), and accessing new customer segments (27%).

Membership to the “Savvy SMEs Tool” means you benefit:

  • 5 minute approvals
  • Minimal risk on customer defaults and debtors
  • You’re always in control of how you set your prices
  • You’re able to leverage off a big-brand finance facility
  • You’re supported by a leading finance service provider

If you’re interested to find out more, check this page out because there is a good background case-study with the step-by-step selection process

You already know how serious you are about boosting sales and increasing your profits; we’re motivated to empower your business growth while you enjoy significant results.

interest free loans
Why not tap into the trend of interest free loans to boost sales and profits…

P.S. We can provide an “exclusive” solution for you, which takes into account if your business offers any flexible finance payment options (ie. no interest, no deposit, etc..)

This new marketing channel must be viewed as an integrated process in order for you to get the best results, so why not see how to grow your sales and lead generation pipeline…

Finance Service

Every effort has been taken to verify accuracy of this information, Marketing Strategy Now nor sponsor of this report can accept any responsibility or liability for reliance by any person on this report or any information, opinions or conclusions set out in the report.

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