Strategic Planning Program

“The No 1 Strategic Planning Program Structured Around Your Specific Business Goals”

You want a true strategic planning program structured as the ideal starting point for getting clarity around your goals and objectives, and how to get results you deserve . 

Dear Business Owner,

Firstly, we prepare the strategic planning over 2 sessions, first session takes around 4 hours and we get to work on a draft plan at this point.

Next step is we meet in around 3 weeks later to finalise, which gives you time to reflect and absorb the plan with further discussions and finalise the plan.

The strategic planning program provides your business with the following benefits:

  • Clarity around your goals, time frames, how to get the results you want
  • A simple, yet powerful tool which empowers your marketing strategy
  • Alignment of the team (everybody is on the same page literally)
  • Structured framework which supports your business strategy
  • Sales target to express your business strategy and profits
  • Core USP which must be embedded in your business DNA
  • Accountability

The results of the strategic planning session are as follows:

  1. One page strategic plan, incorporating financial targets for next 12 months with 3 years strategy, which is simple and concise to implement
  2. We determine actions and initiatives required to achieve your targets and assign responsibilities
  3. Detailed SWOT analysis of your entire business (strengths and weaknesses)
  4. Determine KPI’s that reflect critical success factors of your business which set targets for revenue and profit including what the team needs to achieve
  5. Document your core values and beliefs, these are critical for a successful business
  6. Structure unique selling position
  7. Align core purpose of your business and know exactly what you are doing

Once we prepare the one page strategic plan, you would provide this to your team (or part thereof) and get them all aligned with your strategic plan.

We use a 90 Day action plan to break down annual targets into quarters with commitment to achieve up to 3 projects each quarter which work towards achieving the targets.

We set KPI targets which is where we can quantify and measure results. Each member needs to contribute to achieve your 90 day targets and this would be discussed with them.

We meet every 3 months (around 2 hours) to discuss relevant  targets and completed projects. Did you achieve goals and objectives or what roadblocks to success are holding you back, we’ll discuss any business problems.

This is true accountability, which is critical to the success of your business. If required, we update your strategic plan to reflect any changes.

Please rate yourself on a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 representing the best:

  • Your sales experience
  • Your marketing experience
  • Your public speaking ability
  • Your network
  • Your ability to network
  • Your leadership abilities
  • Your computer abilities
  • Your ability to put together a marketing plan
  • Your ability to put together a business plan
  • Your ability to set goals
  • Your ability to manage time effectively
  • Your ability to work within a team

Before we start with the strategic planning workshop, it’s important that we all know how you are going to measure success of this strategic planning program.

You’ll get ongoing communications via emails with relevant updates and information to achieve your goals…benefits to our members of this exclusive strategic planning program.

Strategic Planning Program

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