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Growth Hack Secrets For Your Business Revealed

Growth Hacks Any Small Business, Start Up or Entrepreneur Can Take Advantage

If you’re like far too many businesses it’s most likely the marketing strategy used isn’t doing as good a job as you intended…

Maybe growth or revenue results are miserable and painfully slow?

What are key questions you need to ask to help you win this race?

You see, there’s a long-standing argument and big lie that infects most business owners and entrepreneurs out there that says…

Forget about GET RICH QUICK…

The only trustworthy path to wealth is to do it slowly over time…

Dear Savvy Business Owner,

Everyone is allowed to dream BIG right?

Growth hack your business predictably with a high performance strategy, drive targeted traffic, better quality leads and more sales.

What method can you use to figure out the best possible traffic sources for your offer.

Which should you use?

•    Magazines and Journals
•    Joint Ventures/Affiliates
•    Publicity
•    Linked In
•    Radio and TV
•    Bing
•    CPV/PPV
•    Blogging and Guest Posting
•    AdWords
•    Social Media
•    Wholesale Banners
•    YouTube
•    Direct Mail
•    Solo Ads
•    Facebook PPC



You want to grow and scale your business faster and predictably every single month, right?

Let’s shatter the slow and steady illusion for a minute here, because there is only one word which boils it ALL down to two letters…B.S.

What possible benefit can anyone get from a depressing foolish idea the path to wealth should take you years and perhaps even decades?

Finally! Smart Growth Hacks For Business Explained…

growth hacks for business

In reality to build a better business, fortune favors the BOLD.


This has always been the case in business and firmly believe it will always be true.

And I’m not alone…

Growth Hacking Strategies for Doubling Your Profits Right Now…

A growing number of small business, start-ups and entrepreneurs are now embracing  growth hacks for business.

Or simply growth hacking

The value to you will be enormous.

Growth hack, tweak and optimize…

It’s fast, laser-focused and accurate which pinpoints opportunities to be exploited at light speed.

While the term itself has emerged from high tech industries such as Cloud Computing or Software as a Service (SAAS)…

The fact is, more and more of these powerful strategies are being used by enterprises ranging from architects to zookeepers.

And they are experiencing astonishing results in record time.

Would you prefer to go for the brass ring now?

As opposed to patiently waiting for some bank balance to appear at some unknown point in the future?

Maybe you’re thinking growth hacking strategies involve some kind of “advanced technology” expertise to make them work?

Trust me, that is NOT the case…

The strategy covered id fast, easy, powerful to generate massive revenues from your business, simple and accessible to anyone.

Given the wealth of opportunities out there today to identify, target and get paying customers…

There’s NO EXCUSE for allowing yourself to remain bewildered or allow business’s revenues to dwindle and disappear into oblivion.

You can avoid the long and endless road of pain, frustration and disappointment.

Your Exclusive Invite You’d Be Wise to Take Advantage of…

growth hacking

You want growth hacks specifically designed to quickly, easily and predictably increase your revenues.

Real money for ANY business…

May I strongly suggest you mark your calendar NOW for Wednesday, July 1st from 11AM to 3PM Eastern time

Why? Because on that date business marketing legend Dan Kennedy will dive deep into growth hacking.

Dan reveals exactly how to put these secret strategies, systems and templates to generate rapid, massive growth in your business.

The Power Of Growth Hacking = Your Unstoppable Success…

Move up one level…it’s your choice.

Register now to get behind the scenes cutting edge growth hacking strategies.

Discover brand new growth hacks that puts a virtual supercharger on your business’s ability to get high performance and revenues.

This is a complete, in-depth, real-world training from start to finish to quickly, easily and in a way you can repeat over and over again.

It’s the perfect growth hacking strategy for ANY business owner, sales professional, entrepreneur or large scale organization…

Relatively low risks and huge potential rewards, there’s no reason not to growth hack your business. What do you have to lose?

On that note…make SURE you register now and show up promptly.

There are ONLY a limited number of seats.

By the way…did I mention this is totally FREE?

Yes, I’ll be there and I’d highly suggest, if you’re looking for fast growth from proven strategies… you’ll be here too!

Best Regards,
John Mignano

P.S. Update! I’ve just been informed they just opened registration for this one-time-only, live FREE event…

To get growth hacking…reserve your spot by clicking here now!

Like, Share and Ask Your Biggest Questions About Turning Clicks Into More Customers…Everyday Profits For Business Success!

Growth Hacks For Business

Product Packaging – How To Influence Buying Decisions

Why Product Packaging Is A Powerful Marketing Tool?

Imagine you’re shopping…looking at one laundry detergent after another. All offers are essentially the same, right?

The products’ claim or promise, its easy to pour, clean clothes, smell fresh, etc…

So how do you make a decision to buy one over another?

Is it the color of bottle, price or familiar logo?

Do you go for the brand your mother is loyal to?

Or do you care more about a brand with a phosphate-free formula and environmentally friendly packaging?

There’s too many options and not enough time for most shoppers to take all these factors into consideration.

To make this easier, your brain relies on scanning and recognition of brands, colors, icons, associated emotions and images…

All of which ultimately reduce cognitive load required to make a decision.

Using these cues enables us to act quickly.

By understanding the numbers with science behind why we buy and how we buy,  your brand can create product packaging  which engages and better connects with the undecided consumer.

You can’t expect customers to become evangelists of your product, you’ve got to provide the incentives and platform for them to do so.

product packaging
Product packaging goes hand in hand with advertising, branding and business success…

All of this is branding and that’s immensely powerful.

This infographic outlines how typography, color, and icons affect the buying process.

And why special attention to your product packaging needs to be a priority for your brand.

But you don’t simply set up product packaging and hope they work.

Forget conventional wisdom which says if a business or company lacks growth…it should invest more money in sales and marketing.

The reality is your product is probably broken in at least one way.

And you must be aware of the market data and other crucial sales information, which tells you where those problems are…

Keeping your growth going is a step unto itself.

And just because you’ve achieved product market fit, it doesn’t mean your product packaging is flawless.

And there aren’t areas still needing to be tweaked and improved.

You must dive deeply into the analytics available, then refine and tweak until you get maximum results.

Remember, as small business owners,  you don’t think branding is a waste of time or worthless…

It’s just not worth the premium traditional marketers pay for it.

Savvy business owner isn’t going to try and create brand awareness by buying product placement on national television…

Or by paying a celebrity to be associated with your product.

Instead, you’ll look for ways to get social currency for free…does that make sense?

Product Packaging