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Marketing Funnel Metrics and Strategic Marketing

How to Make Timely Profitable and Accurate Strategic Marketing Decisions!

A bold claim, you’ll be shocked by the end of this short article…

Why? Because you’re going to understand the BIG difference.

The difference between shallow and deep funnel metrics.

More importantly, you’re going to understand strategic marketing.

And why using deep funnel metrics is the only way to go…

This means intelligently and mathematically how to scale results.

Believe it or not…

Even though the idea of funnel metrics has been around for a while.

It still may sound intimidating or more complex than ever before…

Finally you’re about to discover how these mysterious numbers…

Radically it will simplify your job as a strategic marketer.

You’ll be able to make rock solid and sound marketing decisions.

Yes! Life is about to get much easier and stress free for you…

Right now, I’d like to help you fill the gaps in your mind.

Listen, this is the critical importance of understanding you need.

You see, deep funnel metrics isn’t just a dirty insider’s secret…

You need to listen closely to a lesson about…

Numbers which actually add up to mathematical profits.

Who doesn’t love solving rubik’s cubes and crossword puzzles?

I know with absolute certainty, you think I’ve lost the plot!?

You probably love racking your brain too…

If I want to make lots of money…

Keep reading every word or forever hold your tongue…

So how many electricians does it take to change a light bulb?

What if I tell you the answer in just a minute (we’ll come back okay)…

Firstly, perhaps you’re wondering what’s a strategic marketing plan?

Strategic marketing planning is a process.

Every business should go through this process to plan…

And implement effective marketing strategies.

Strategic marketing planning takes several aspects of marketing.

And promotion into consideration…

On the flip side, what are the tools of marketing?

Marketing tools are development and promotional strategies.

These are the action steps your business uses.

These are used to develop and promote products or services.

A quick example…

Marketing tools are market research surveys and focus groups.

What’s the point?

These numbers mean nothing without context.

You already know the concept of too much or too little…

Too high or too low…

It is all meaningless without context.

strategic marketing

The same principle applies to your marketing metrics.

In fact, almost all internet marketers use shallow funnel metrics.

Metrics like cost-per-click and earnings-per-click.

Yeah it’s all I looked at…

And this is how most make strategic marketing decisions.

You see, there are two sides to every marketing equation…

How much did you spend…

How much did you make…

Simple right?

While these shallow funnel metrics on the surface can be useful.

In some ways, they do not tell both sides of the mathematical story.

And are not the metrics you need to be using to scale your business.


Because cost-per-click only (CPC) uses expense side of conversions.

The equation ignores whether or not you generated any money.

Earnings-per-click (EPC)…

EPC tells you how much you made…would you agree?

Still it ignores how much you spent.

Reality is each only tells one-side of the mathematical story.

Should you ignore one or the other?

Now you understand the types of metrics as shallow funnel metrics.

On the other hand…

There are metrics which show the full conversion story.

Metrics must take into account…


And expense side of the equation.

This is what deep funnel metrics is all about.

Two fast and easy examples…

Deep funnel metrics are:

Profit Per Lead (PPL)…

Calculated as amount of revenue generated per lead…

Minus the cost per lead.

Return on Investment (ROI)…

Calculated as the total revenue generated.

Minus cost to generate revenue…

Divided by investment (also know as ad expenses).

So why do these deep funnel metrics make all the difference?

strategic marketing

Because your strategic marketing is made dramatically easier.

And because when it comes to making key decisions…

Be it promotional and scaling your business success.

There is no more second guessing, personal feelings or opinions…

You are very clear and avoid the mind numbing doubtful thoughts.

” I think this ads working or I ‘guess’ we should renew this ad spend”.

No opinions…

No second guessing…

Just simple numbers that do the heavy lifting for you.

At the end of the day…

The big marketing decision you need make are valuable.

You either spend or do not spend…

The strategic marketing decision becomes clear and simple.

You simply dive into these deep funnel metrics…

Focus specifically on PPL and ROI.

You ask yourself one question…

Is this marketing activity making money?

That’s it!

Who cares about those shallow funnel metrics like CPC and EPC!

Yes! You should understand from a traffic management standpoint…

You can optimize your ad spend by looking at your cpc or epc.

In fact, when it comes to the big strategic marketing decisions…

It really doesn’t matter what your CPC or EPC…does it make sense?

Is CPC of $.30 good?

Is a CPC of $9.00 bad?

You don’t know just by looking right?

Not without context of deep funnel metrics to guide your decision.

What if you can spend $1 today…

To get $1 or more back tomorrow.

Would you do it?

Regardless of the CPC or EPC?

Of course you would in a heartbeat!

You’d be strangling and starving your business growth if you didn’t.

What if you can get good quality leads?

And new customers…

While recouping most if not all of your ad spend!

Obviously without second thoughts that’s key to scaling, right?

strategic marketing framework

You see, when you begin to use your deep funnel metrics…

You are preciously guided to your strategic marketing decisions.

There is no more pain and self doubt that results in confusion…

Agonizing about where to spend hard earned marketing dollars.

So how many electricians does it take to change a light bulb?

ONE is effective…

What if you want to make it complicated and keep guessing?

Perhaps, 99 is needed…

You test small to significantly reduce the risk of losing money.

You track like every savvy marketer should…

You look at and study your deep funnel metrics.

These numbers tell you your complete conversion story.

You let the numbers decide.

You let the numbers lead you and strategic marketing decisions.

Strategic Marketing

Google Adwords – How to Transform Clicks Into Sales

Google Adwords Marketing Funnel Critical Steps To Double Your Leads…

Why are most businesses struggling and missing out on sales?

They miss out on either managing Google Adwords themselves or hiring it out (outsourcing) to an agency or management company?

Are you investing into Google Adword campaigns and wasting a ton of money?

Keep reading every word because this powerful report reveals why you need integrated marketing and what you must know…


This crucial information is based on real-world experiences from over 20 years of online marketing running thousands of campaigns.

And professionally managing Adwords campaigns for many clients…

There are critical Google Adwords steps you would want to avoid if you’re wasting money and need to increase conversions and ROI…

If you currently hiring a marketing agency that manages your adwords campaigns, here’s what you need to focus on..

You must know and understand the numbers…

The numbers are the no 1 factor for successful online marketing.

The real magic of numbers means making money or losing money,

Success in one word…MEASURING.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure, right?

And if you don’t understand what elements to measure deeply, you have no clue about what works.

Do you know what doesn’t work in your online marketing?

Google Adwords

If you don’t measure it you can’t improve it…

You need to take a combined approach and collect all data.

Measuring is how you understand if the data or numbers work…

You must recognize the true value of measuring your online marketing, including the marketing funnel, measuring in detail.

If you’re paying an Adwords Management Service or Adwords Consultant, now is time to question what you are paying for?

What are you missing out if you don’t measure?

So what need to understand is how the traffic and conversions (numbers) work and why they don’t work via measuring of ad spend.

You need to understand your average customer lifetime value in context to accurately measuring your Google Adword campaigns .

If you don’t understand these metrics, ask a professional Adwords management service.

What if they can’t tell you?

Simple…you know what to do next, right?


You keep track of phone calls from each Google Adwords campaign because 43% of all search-related conversions happen via phone.

Phone calls are their most valuable, highest quality source of leads and sales via PPC…

As a Google AdWords advertiser you must track calls back to the ads which triggered them.


When you know where your calls are coming from, you can make smart decisions about your advertising budget and sales strategy.

You must track conversion metrics of individual landing pages in Google Analytics.

No Google Adwords campaign should ever run without Google Analytics being integrated as a core part of the marketing process.

If you use Google Analytics it shows specific user behaviour from your Adwords campaign when they reach your website.

If you’re not measuring and monitoring Google AdWords click and cost data alongside Analytics, you’re playing the game blind folded.


You can improve profitability and targeting of the campaign while ensuring those that don’t convert will be reminded of your offer.

You must measure to optimise Google AdWords targeted landing pages adding the right target market message and ad copy.

Google AdWords landing pages have specific requirements:

A successful landing page has many different elements to consider…

Pay specific attention to the relevance of the headline, content, call to action against conversation the searcher is having in their head when they click ad.

Measure marketing copy and make improvements accordingly.

Your pages need to be relevant to your keyword and ads in order to leverage a good quality score.

Quality score affects your cost per click.


If you match headline ‘click promise’ of your advert to the landing page content, you create more buyers for less marketing spend.

In other words, you’ll pay less for customer acquisition.

The lower cost of each new lead and click means more budget.

You must measure to optimise Adwords landing page loading times.

Recent survey confirmed for every extra second a website takes to load after first second, you lose an average of 7% of leads and sales.

If your Google Adwords ads landing page loads too slowly, there is a high possibility users are leaving and going to your competitors…

The load time factor needs to be measured and incorporated into your keyword’s quality scores to optimise lower cost per click.

The AdWords system re-evaluates landing pages on a regular basis.

If you make significant improvements to your landing page’s load time, you can see a better Quality Scor.

And lower minimum cost-per-click (CPC) bids.


Google Adwords rewards a better user experience.

If you aim for site loads faster 3 seconds or less = more revenue

You must measure and track via AdWords A/B Testing.

ab split testing

In A/B split testing, you make a change in your new advertisement against a control.

Control is basically the current advert…

Now, monitor which new ad creates the higher click through to reduce ad costs, which transforms into greater conversion rates.

Make sure to boost visibility of mobile adverts using customised mobile sites to create better user expereince and more conversions

The quality of mobile landing page and user experience directly affects how your ad ranks…

This includes whether it’s seen at all and what you’ll pay per click.

Use a responsive or dedicated mobile landing pages for best results.

You need to install a remarketing pixel if you’re not already doing so in order to get the must bang for your advertising budget.

Remarketing gives a far greater opportunity to bring back indecisive customers with tailored ads…

And you can use similar ads to targeted offers that are relevant to user experience they had on your website..


Remarketing is where a prospect visits your website, and when they leave their browser fires the pixel.

What happens next is each user is remarketed using adverts, they’re shown these ads as they browse and visit different sites on Google.

Remarketing is extremely powerful…

It is proven that retargeted visitors are 70% more likely to complete a purchase as opposed to first time visitors to your website.

And that’s how to transform clicks into more sales…

Google Adwords

How to Blow Up Average Order Value Today

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This is tough, but fair question to ask. You already know your biggest fear and frustration marketing your business right? 

Why do you want to increase your ecommerce sales and ROI?

You’re probably scratching your head thinking…

Are you serious…

What sort of a stupid question is that?

Today I am going to reveal one of the most best kept secrets…

You’ll see why everyone who teaches average order value is wrong.

This secret will change the way you look at your business for good.

You’ll see conversions generated through traffic in a new light.

Keep reading if you want to double or triple your ecommerce revenue…

Dear Savvy Business Owner,

You’ll never be able to look at “AOV” in the same way ever again.

It’ll change your perspective forever…

To be absolutely honest, I’ve struggled and argued with the idea…

Had debts and second thoughts about releasing this training at all.

It’s been “my little secret” for so long!

What you probably don’t know is far greater than what you do know.

Would you agree there is no upper limit to your success?

Would you agree the best lessons in business are from failures?

The ones that resonate and you can really sink your teeth into.

You wouldn’t be here if most of your ideas actually worked

Look, I take no pride in telling you ideas are dime a dozen.

And it’s not your fault…

You don’t know what you don’t know right?

The biggest problem is hardly anyone uses a repeatable process.

You need a systematic way to implement data insights.

Ideas need to be structured into a repeatable process.

You need to be able to take actionable steps that are systemized…

And once implemented…

Every step is measurable and must be able to make a real difference.

Would you love blow up your average order value?

Someone in your business or organisation needs to amplify results.

Do you know the formula to accelerate ecommerce growth?

You really must know exactly what’s your best combinations of offers, frontend, backend, up sells, down sells and cross-sells…

Including the whole process of customer acquisitions!

In the right order to be more profitable…

You need to focus on three crucial areas at the cutting-edge: 

  • Acquisition
  • Average order value (AOV)
  • Repeat buyers

No surprise here right?

How do you actually do it…

Where do you find your most valuable customers?

What can you do to get people to buy more?

When is the best time to create more repeat buyers?

With that in mind…

As they say…welcome to the real world!

Would you absolutely love to drill deep into every dimension of your own campaigns?

STOP! Just let that sink in for a minute…

Yes! That one benefit alone is freakin’ huge.

Want to see mind blowing results with unquestionable clarity?

Want to experience a rock-solid unshakable understanding of how to analyse the above three different factors in the real world?

In fact, once you understand the true capabilities of this training…

You’ll want to move mountains because you feel so damn good.

Very few people ever get to experience these peaks in business.

This is your opportunity to get real in-depth specialized training…

What if I showed you the mega brands (well-known companies).

And dissected all their different marketing campaigns and assets.

It’s all about significantly knowing how you can boost acquisitions.

Skyrocket AOV and retention to ramp up your growth fast…

Would that help?

You already know your business needs are not a one size fits all.

You want to do business on your own terms…

You want to think and do business different from everyone, right?

You don’t feel excited about “theoretical” case studies or examples…

Now hold onto your hat…

Do you feel you could play a ball game at a whole different level?

What if you could get to see inside campaigns that are running like clockwork and optimized with data from companies in real niches.

Okay, are you curious to find out more?

A simple and quick primer on what is an average order value

Average order value (AOV) tracks average dollar amount spent each time a customer places an order on a website or mobile app.

For example…

To calculate your company’s average order value…

Simply divide total revenue by number of orders.

To keep it simple…

Let’s say in September, your web store’s sales were $31,000…

You had a total of 1,000 orders.

$31,000 divided by 1,000 = $31

September’s monthly AOV was $31…

Short and sweet…

What kind of ROI can you expect?

10-20% lift is not uncommon almost immediately.

As soon as you roll out my recommendations…

This should compound going forward.

30% is the goal…

What if you run a $1mn business?

Realistic number, you can get an extra $100K in 30 days or less.

Would $100K offset the price of this training many times over?

First, you must track your conversion rate and average order value.

Did you know you can use Ecommerce overview report to do that?

Conversion rates are most important to your top line.

CV is calculated by simply taking number of conversions and dividing by number of total ad clicks…

Clicks can be tracked to a conversion during the same time period.

For example…

What if you have 50 conversions from 1,000 clicks?

Your conversion rate would be 5%…

50 ÷ 1,000 = 5%.

Did you know there are only three ways to grow any business:

  1. Increase average order value (AOV)
  2. Increase frequency of purchase and number of purchases
  3. Increase total number of customers…

Improving one is great…

Improving all three is freaking out of this world awesome.

In one year if you increase each of these multipliers by 30%…

Which is totally doable!

You have more than doubled your business…

Imagine 1.3 x 1.3 x 1.3 = 220%!

Why would you NOT want to focus on multiplier #1?

Do you want to increase your average order size (AOV)?

Introducing: In The Trenches, Time Tested and Proven Ecommerce Store Breakthrough…

The 3X Advanced AOV Multiplier System!

In this exclusive and groundbreaking video course I show you step-by-step how to stack and layer the results of exponential success.

Yes, stack and layer marketing campaigns with surgical precision…

Yes, turn your website into an evolved AOV maximizing machine.

This complete training includes the following with BONUS training modules (never released to the public) for advanced marketers:

Module 1: Pricing.

Discover single, simple tactic used by a $10B private equity fund.

Module 2: Quantities.

Costco turns bulk into billions here’s how you can do it too.

Module 3: Free shipping.

The power of FREE, you can use it to grow your business…fast.

Module 4: Bundling.

How the MEGA brands from Microsoft and McDonalds use simple product groupings to increase revenues out of the stratosphere.

Module 5: Cross-selling.

Simple way to add more money to your business quicker than a heartbeat. (you’ll see the when, why and how of cross-selling).

Module 6: Upselling.

Devastatingly quick and easy to apply today, so you can actually add more money to your business faster than a speeding bullet.

Module 7: Email.

You want to significantly increase your AOV without stuffing up your conversions or mucking up your shopping cart. Period!

Module 8: Advanced Strategies.

Head spinning, never before revealed strategies from gamification to psychological factors (super hard core effective, life changing)…

Module 9: Advanced Tracking.

Learn the secrets of web analytics pros don’t ever want you to know.

Yes, I’ll take you by the hand and walk through a seven step-by-step advanced tracking strategy that works for you like gang busters.

Module 10: Announced BONUS (*will be removed at any time).

There’s pure gold in these training modules for advanced marketers (never released to public, intended only for highest paying clients).

What if you want a buffer to see if this is a good fit for you…

We will be handing you immediate action steps.

You will be getting access and set up instantly

We are going to hold you by the hand and guide you every step of the way via personalized support system.

You get marketing legend and veteran mentor to assist you.

There are NO roadblocks or barriers to entry.

You’ll achieve ALL THREE types of results:

  • Acquisition
  • Average order value (AOV)
  • Repeat buyers

By the way, there are NO upsells and nothing else to buy.

YES! This is ONE complete system and you’ll be getting free access to any future updates and additional bonus modules that we add…

This is complimentary to your existing projects.

And helps create more profitable traffic for any other businesses.

So to be clear…

The ONLY question is are you good enough and ready to do this?

Here’s the truth because this training isn’t for everybody…

Look, I can and will make the guarantee of outrageous results possible by working with only certain types of businesses.

Please no startups struggling with initial traction are accepted…

The 3x Advanced AOV Multiplier System relies on at least some traffic, unfortunately, most startups often don’t have volume (yet).

Sorry, NO 100% Amazon businesses.

Yes, this absolutely can be applied to a 100% Amazon business, but this works KILLER for direct-to-consumer e-commerce players.

No closed-minded leadership…

If you are convinced in your heart that improving your checkout is your problem, go ahead and find a UI expert to optimize that for you.

The 3x Advanced AOV Multiplier System isn’t designed or intended to be an audit of everything in conversion rate optimization…

The goal here is to identify and increase average order values.

Stack and layer key metrics that are most likely to get you results.

Make sense?

Okay, you’ve got the all clear green light to go ahead right now.

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Don’t try to increase average order…

You must know or you could easily screw up big time…

The 3x Advanced AOV Multiplier System is one-of-a-kind and working like gang busters for many other people just like you.

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Costly mistakes in three areas you haven’t even thought of yet…

Your investment is only $2,497 for unsurpassed superior results.

Just one step standing between domination and continued success…

Talk soon,

John Mignano

YES! The 3X Advanced AOV Multiplier System works. Period!

Yes! I’ve used, optimized this exact system for my own stores and clients for well over 15 years of growing e-commerce businesses.

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And if you apply what you learn and it doesn’t get you positive ROI in less than 30 days, (I’ll immediately give you your investment back).

PLUS, I’ll set-up ROI analysis in Google Analytics via ROI analysis.

Show you cost analysis reports to calculate your highest ROAS…

Remove the barriers to dramatically improve conversion rates of your ecommerce store along with campaign performance for FREE.

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You can be confident and secure, remove risk and all of your doubts.

Simply take a risk-free trial right now!

Yes! You can be growing revenues and profits at least 30%.

Enjoy rubbing competitor’s nose in the dirt over next few months…

Average Order Value

Shopping sign board