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Google Adwords – How to Transform Clicks Into Sales

Google Adwords Marketing Funnel Critical Steps To Double Your Leads…

Why are most businesses struggling and missing out on sales?

They miss out on either managing Google Adwords themselves or hiring it out (outsourcing) to an agency or management company?

Are you investing into Google Adword campaigns and wasting a ton of money?

Keep reading every word because this powerful report reveals why you need integrated marketing and what you must know…


This crucial information is based on real-world experiences from over 20 years of online marketing running thousands of campaigns.

And professionally managing Adwords campaigns for many clients…

There are critical Google Adwords steps you would want to avoid if you’re wasting money and need to increase conversions and ROI…

If you currently hiring a marketing agency that manages your adwords campaigns, here’s what you need to focus on..

You must know and understand the numbers…

The numbers are the no 1 factor for successful online marketing.

The real magic of numbers means making money or losing money,

Success in one word…MEASURING.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure, right?

And if you don’t understand what elements to measure deeply, you have no clue about what works.

Do you know what doesn’t work in your online marketing?

Google Adwords

If you don’t measure it you can’t improve it…

You need to take a combined approach and collect all data.

Measuring is how you understand if the data or numbers work…

You must recognize the true value of measuring your online marketing, including the marketing funnel, measuring in detail.

If you’re paying an Adwords Management Service or Adwords Consultant, now is time to question what you are paying for?

What are you missing out if you don’t measure?

So what need to understand is how the traffic and conversions (numbers) work and why they don’t work via measuring of ad spend.

You need to understand your average customer lifetime value in context to accurately measuring your Google Adword campaigns .

If you don’t understand these metrics, ask a professional Adwords management service.

What if they can’t tell you?

Simple…you know what to do next, right?


You keep track of phone calls from each Google Adwords campaign because 43% of all search-related conversions happen via phone.

Phone calls are their most valuable, highest quality source of leads and sales via PPC…

As a Google AdWords advertiser you must track calls back to the ads which triggered them.


When you know where your calls are coming from, you can make smart decisions about your advertising budget and sales strategy.

You must track conversion metrics of individual landing pages in Google Analytics.

No Google Adwords campaign should ever run without Google Analytics being integrated as a core part of the marketing process.

If you use Google Analytics it shows specific user behaviour from your Adwords campaign when they reach your website.

If you’re not measuring and monitoring Google AdWords click and cost data alongside Analytics, you’re playing the game blind folded.


You can improve profitability and targeting of the campaign while ensuring those that don’t convert will be reminded of your offer.

You must measure to optimise Google AdWords targeted landing pages adding the right target market message and ad copy.

Google AdWords landing pages have specific requirements:

A successful landing page has many different elements to consider…

Pay specific attention to the relevance of the headline, content, call to action against conversation the searcher is having in their head when they click ad.

Measure marketing copy and make improvements accordingly.

Your pages need to be relevant to your keyword and ads in order to leverage a good quality score.

Quality score affects your cost per click.


If you match headline ‘click promise’ of your advert to the landing page content, you create more buyers for less marketing spend.

In other words, you’ll pay less for customer acquisition.

The lower cost of each new lead and click means more budget.

You must measure to optimise Adwords landing page loading times.

Recent survey confirmed for every extra second a website takes to load after first second, you lose an average of 7% of leads and sales.

If your Google Adwords ads landing page loads too slowly, there is a high possibility users are leaving and going to your competitors…

The load time factor needs to be measured and incorporated into your keyword’s quality scores to optimise lower cost per click.

The AdWords system re-evaluates landing pages on a regular basis.

If you make significant improvements to your landing page’s load time, you can see a better Quality Scor.

And lower minimum cost-per-click (CPC) bids.


Google Adwords rewards a better user experience.

If you aim for site loads faster 3 seconds or less = more revenue

You must measure and track via AdWords A/B Testing.

ab split testing

In A/B split testing, you make a change in your new advertisement against a control.

Control is basically the current advert…

Now, monitor which new ad creates the higher click through to reduce ad costs, which transforms into greater conversion rates.

Make sure to boost visibility of mobile adverts using customised mobile sites to create better user expereince and more conversions

The quality of mobile landing page and user experience directly affects how your ad ranks…

This includes whether it’s seen at all and what you’ll pay per click.

Use a responsive or dedicated mobile landing pages for best results.

You need to install a remarketing pixel if you’re not already doing so in order to get the must bang for your advertising budget.

Remarketing gives a far greater opportunity to bring back indecisive customers with tailored ads…

And you can use similar ads to targeted offers that are relevant to user experience they had on your website..


Remarketing is where a prospect visits your website, and when they leave their browser fires the pixel.

What happens next is each user is remarketed using adverts, they’re shown these ads as they browse and visit different sites on Google.

Remarketing is extremely powerful…

It is proven that retargeted visitors are 70% more likely to complete a purchase as opposed to first time visitors to your website.

And that’s how to transform clicks into more sales…

Google Adwords

Customer Experience

“Why Customer Experience Is More Important Than Advertising?”

Strategic value of customer relationships. Customer experience is defined as your customer’s perceptions, conscious and subconscious of their relationship resulting from all their interactions with your brand during the customer life cycle.

Customer experience really matters and is without doubt a key differentiation for businesses, so how can good customer experience put your business on top.

Getting depth of knowledge about your customers isn’t something that just happens.

Customer experience knowledge comes from insights from all customer touch points and channels across your entire business.

It’s about harnessing customer data from online and offline, includes traditional brick and mortar channels and understanding this valuable data with speed and precision.

customer experience
Does Better Customer Experience Cost More…

Your best opportunities for business growth may not exist in developing new products or services. They may instead be found selling more to your existing customers and finding new customers with a similar buyer lifecycle, you’d be silly to ignore it…

Tired of your customers shopping around?

Customer experience may sound idealistic or touchy-feely, yet you don’t want to ignore it here’s why…

There’s tangible business value in managing the customer experience effectively. Good customer experience management can:

  • Strengthen brand preference via differentiated experiences
  • Increase sales and revenues from existing customers
  • Boost new sales from word of mouth
  • Improve customer loyalty (advocates) via valued customer interactions
  • Lower advertising and marketing costs by reducing customer churn

Only 4% of customers trust advertising the most for product and service information, so can good customer experience help to seal the deal with your customers?

Recently businesses surpassed $200 Billion dollars a year in advertising spending.

Yet, fewer and fewer customers are trusting advertising as the source of information for products and services.

Word of mouth carries a big, heavy stick when it comes to the reputation of your business products and services.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and other reviews sites help to amplify to voice of the customer.

The power of a single bad customer experience can have at creating future business opportunities…it’s so critical for you to focus on investing in better customer service.

Why would you invest in a better customer service experience?

The practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations and increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy…

The Internet has segmented and amplified the ability for news to travel and instant speed, especially bad news.

Do you focus on leveraging more effective tools to help you stay on top of your customer experience by ensuring your customers are getting good customer service from your staff?

What’s the importance of customer experience and the impact it has on getting new customers and keeping your existing customers happy?

Why Customer Experience Matters

Remember your customers have more presence, power and choice than ever before.

If you decide not to provide a personal, relevant, timely customer experience, you can turn away customers immediately. It’s your choice to alienate or drive your brand loyalty…

Customer experience is all about knowing your customers so completely you can create and deliver personalised experiences which empower customers to not only remain loyal.

Tip: You want customers to become your advocates, and that’s the most valuable form of advertising there is…

40% of customers began shopping with a competitor, because they heard about the company’s good customer service.

Reputation for great customer service creates incentives for customers to give you a go.

Good experience grabs customers and your great customer service can be a vehicle for generating sales and helping the bottom line.

Tip: The key is keeping those customers once they’ve given your company a shot…

Are you listening to your customers?

When bad experiences happen, you have an opportunity to make things right.

Some of your most loyal customers have seen you show that your customers really matter.

There’s a troubling trend with customers today in that many feel like companies don’t care enough to make things right, so fewer customers are trusting companies to resolve issues.

Customers with problems are taking to their social networks to vent their anger:

  • A full 85% of customers who had a bad customer service experience want to warn others about doing business with the company
  • 66% of customers wanted to discourage others from doing business with the company
  • 55% of customers wanted to vent their anger
  • Yet only 24% of customers actually tried to contact the company to get the issue resolved

Right Message, Right Place, Right Time

To deliver the most value at each customer touch point and improve customer experience you want a road map which means using analytics to understand specific stages in the customer life cycle so you can deliver right message to right place at right time…

customer experience
An integrated customer experience at each stage of buyers lifecycle…

Each buyer lifecycle stage is important from initial consideration to active evaluation to the moment of purchase and even to post-purchase experience.

Each stage is an opportunity to improve your customer experience.

Each stage is an opportunity to optimise and get more insight you can feedback into your marketing funnel which you can continue to leverage for improving processes next time.

customer experience
Analysis of customer experience…

You might have the data and technology to track your best customers, so how can you meaningfully differentiate between them and the rest?

How do you align your marketing strategy and operations around them? And how do you create and sustain competitive advantages from all these processes with best practices?

Customer’s don’t know the real reason that drives their behaviour, so how do you plan on leveraging customer experience in your continued business growth today?

Customer Experience