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Email Marketing For Local Business

“Email Marketing Still Returning Strong ROI?”

Want to take control of your email marketing? You want more buyers, prospects and leads. What if your business growth is relying mostly on referrals, word of mouth and good old fashioned recommendations?

What’s the biggest road-block almost every local business faces?

The problem is most small to medium enterprises (SMEs) fail to strategically formulate content and emails in a way which compels prospects to open, click-through and engage.

What are the tools you need? They’re all freely available and right now there’s a lot of chatter about how you must use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and countless other social sites in your business…

So all these tools are freely available and it does come back to how you utilize and leverage these tools which makes all the difference right?

What if you already have all the tools you need to make a killing?

Imagine The Power To Turn Abandoning Prospects Into Buyers…

Get ready to increase your conversion rates. Email is a phenomenal profit driver, however most websites capture less than 1 in 400 emails from visitors (who have not purchased).

Did you know email marketing allows you to communicate with thousands at a touch of a button? Email marketing is commonplace in most local business and, like any marketing
channel which has been around for a while it gets progressively harder to improve results.


email marketing
Email marketing for local business…

The Call to Action…

Every email has a purpose, which is reflected in the call to action (CTA). If you’re not sure what your call to action should be, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I want recipient to do?
  • How will they know how to do it?
  • What’s the benefit to them?

As you move to the later stages in your marketing messages and campaigns, you may find certain steps unusually difficult. What if you’re just not doing it the right way?

Tip: Points from above list are basic, still a good reminder to keep these points in mind when you’re writing an awesome email for building your new list of subscribers…

Always place the most important information in the headline and top part of your email.

Email marketing according to a study by ExactTarget, 77% of consumers prefer to receive permission-based marketing communications through email.

It’s a key way to reinforce relationships through special offers or bonus content and to keep your product or service top-of-mind…you now have the knowledge,

Why use email marketing? Because you’re already invited into the prospect’s digital home.

The power is you get precise audience segmenting, which is a valuable resource in that information you can provide is really targeted rather than being a pushy salesperson.

You see, the most successful big-brands keep their strategies and tactics to themselves.

Don’t think for one second this is some here today, gone tomorrow solution, because the key is really in the connection and in the relationships you forge with your audience.

Guess what? Email marketing is already tried, tested and a proven marketing strategy.

What if you’re not using email marketing in your local business?

Firstly, you’d want to pay attention to every word in this special report…

These days, like it or not, you’re competing against major household names
giant brands who have millions of dollars to spend on weekly promotions.

So, how much money is been left on the table, because email marketing still holds it’s own as one of the strongest channels with excellent return on investment, (if used in the right way at the right time).

The fact is digital marketing continues to evolve with new tools and techniques which are available to local business.

The most interesting part is it’s not about the technology:

  • Improving deliverability, open rates and click-throughs
  • How to design landing pages to optimise conversion rates
  • Data management and usage to drive better results
  • Understand the latest tools for email marketing
  • How to integrate email into your marketing mix…

This year produced seriously good results among the thousands of companies and businesses surveyed to establish exactly how much business, sales and revenue email marketing is delivering.

For example over half (55%) of companies responding to the survey have more than 10% of their sales coming from e-mail, while 8% state that more than half their sales come from e-mail marketing.

Why are so many local businesses running around chasing the latest marketing strategy and new ways to market to customers?

Email marketing is still NO 1 for the most cost effective methods for delivering great value and high ROI.

E-mail Marketing Best Practices

Are you fed up seeing your prospects leave without making a purchase or taking any
kind of action on your offer or website?

email marketing
Increase sales volume and get your name out there using email marketing…

Do you know how to structure emails which capture your prospect’s attention and literally
“force” them to see what you have to offer, so you can dramatically increase conversions?

Despite the fact e-mail is genuinely driving higher overall sales with a very positive ROI, why do the majority of local businesses using email marketing still do not believe their campaigns are running as well as they can?

It’s a fact a large majority of local businesses in general don’t know how to deliver great e-mail marketing campaigns to capitalize on the huge opportunities.

The results prove most local businesses don’t properly utilise e-mail marketing, and in this case, figures are 6 out of 10 say they only use their e-mail service provider for nothing more than basic broadcast of e-mail.

There are three types of local businesses in regards to e-mail marketing:

  1. One doesn’t bother to gather customers e-mail addresses and completely drops the ball in this area.
  2. Two gathers e-mail addresses from customers or has their e-mail addresses by default in their computer system and simply doesn’t use them effectively or at all
  3. Three proactively gathers e-mail addresses and makes a concerted effort to market to customers using their e-mails…

Still even at this level by far and away (90% plus) failed to capitalize on the incredible  capacity to develop these valuable e-mail lists.

Typically they send newsletters and very average product promotions and wonder why hardly anyone buys!

There are local businesses which have medium to large e-mail lists and have absolutely no clue about how to extract sales and revenue from those lists.

They simply send out non-relevant and boring newsletters not even realizing they have massive hidden sales and revenue at their fingertips starting from today!

Case-Study Of The BIG Email Paydays

The local businesses which have medium to big e-mail lists at their disposal, don’t utilise effectively, these examples are literally more common than you realise in the market place.

Here’s just one of the many examples which demonstrates how powerful and profitable a simple e-mail marketing campaign can be if designed and delivered at the right time.

A local manufacturer who designs and builds prefab concrete structures presented the ideal opportunity to leverage their high-value products and modest e-mail list…

We structured a delivery system which comprises  a four step e-mail marketing campaign and the results produced a very high and awesome payday.

This is a really good example of opportunities which are like hidden gold within your list…

Your list is not only the lifeblood of your continued success in business, it’s a crucial asset.

Often the simple strategies don’t require any fancy tricks or spending a truck load of money chasing No 1 ranking on Google.

The fact is so many local businesses fall into the dead-end trap of trying to keep up with all the myriad of changes to local and organic search engine optimisation (SEO).

What if you simply used a few e-mails which are engaging and a reintroduction to your customers and/or prospects?

Ok, let’s set-up and deliver a 4 day sales machine e-mail sequence and campaign.

This sequence is tried and tested and proven in just about every market and e-mail marketing scenario we’ve ever tried and continually produces results.

Simply use a red hot offer to warm-up your list, simply run the 4 day sales machine sequence and any prospects who are even remotely interested in purchasing products you have on offer become highly motivated and eager to get their hands on a great deal.

The bottom line results of this simple yet effective campaign were $276,000 in new sales, plus upgrades and repurchases from existing customers which in total netted just over 12.5% in revenue which is thirty-four thousand five hundred dollars!

$34,500 for 1 Week Of Email Marketing

Listen, there are literally hundreds of local businesses selling different kinds of products and services who have existing e-mail lists or potential to build a good size list which can deliver similar e-mail marketing campaigns.

The huge advantage here is most local businesses e-mail lists are completely untapped and most have little to no clue how to run highly profitable and effective e-mail marketing campaigns.

The other enormous advantage you have is your customers most likely have never really been exposed to high quality e-mail marketing, and in most cases they’re seeing these types of e-mails for the first time which makes these email campaigns incredibly potent.

Also very exciting as you start seeing the profits roll-in.

The Email Marketing Template

So how do you run the same e-mail marketing campaign like the above local manufacturer?

There is absolutely a formula and step-by-step process to make this e-mail marketing campaign work as well as it does.

Yes, there’s a proven e-mail marketing template and checklist so your marketing team can follow the exact process and steps to produce campaigns like this…next step is you’ll want to set-up your email account for you business.

By the way, while you’re getting your e-mail account set-up, you’ll want to find out why less than 5% of businesses understand how to plug gaps in their marketing funnel.

marketing funnel
How to radically increase profits and conversions…

In fact, 95% of businesses fail to use the power of this tool.

What’s the biggest road-block every SMEs faces?

If you want to get the edge on your competitors and that includes the BIG-Brands you need to pay attention to every word on this report…click here to see what all the fuss is about.

These days, like it or not, you’re competing against major household names giant brands who have millions of dollars to spend on weekly promotions.

There’s so much which can be done across many areas of business to support and better enable sales. 

Intelligent marketing strategy which is intrinsically linked to sales strategy is an area most enterprises have plenty of room to improve.

Perhaps you’d consider joining marketing and sales departments together in order to achieve better alignment?

Is it time to upgrade your marketing funnel and buyer experience. Extend standard payments with flexible, easier options.

Stay tuned for the next piece of the puzzle as we share with you exactly how this e-mail marketing template and checklist works  and how  to use the exact same process to model the e-mail marketing sales machine campaigns, (all revealed later on)…

Email Marketing

How To Double Your Email Marketing Results

“How To Get More Sales Without Increasing Your Marketing Budget”

Email is about them, not you…294 billion emails are sent each day. Roughly 50 for every human being. If you want people to open your emails, give value they can use.

Don’t just waffle on about yourself. Make it personal. If you know their name, use it. It’s easy to mail merge a name into a template.

email marketing tips
Email marketing tips, tricks and secrets make it easy and powerful for your business…

The best email isn’t email marketing if you’re not using the subject line…and if the subject line doesn’t make people go ‘Oh my god, I have to read this email’, they won’t.

Your subscribers choose to be on your list, so they want to know about how your business, product/service can solve their problem. Get them to take action and response is positive.

So sd you send your email messages on Tuesday at lunchtime because that’s when most people are reading email…

Tip: Email conversion rate optimisation. I want to give you a short, sharp, actionable step you can immediately take straight to the bank…

So here it is…converting clicks into cash, so what if you do any type of email broadcasts, such as email newsletters, this tip can literally double your results.

If you only send out email newsletters to your list every so often and get pretty good results, what if want to  dramatically boost response by up to 100%?

Most people are busy right and get 100 or more emails a day. What if your email subject line or headline doesn’t  immediately grab your prospect’s attention?

As you know it’s all too easy for your email recipients to hit the “Archive” button, or the “Delete” button.

Hold on just a second, it doesn’t mean they’re not interested…it just means your timing wasn’t right.

These days, an email “open rate” of 10 to 15 percent is considered good, it’s not amazing, still not bad either.

In other words, up to 90% of your prospects aren’t reading your emails.

So instead of losing up to 90% of your audience when you send an email broadcast, here’s what to do instead.

You simply send three versions of each email.

Step 1: Send “Email 1” with “Subject Line 1” to your list.

Step 2: Remove everyone who opened “Email 1” and resend with “Subject Line 2” in a couple of days.

Step 3: Remove everyone who opened “Email 1” or “Email 2” and resend with “Subject Line 3” in a couple more days.

Tip: Email autoresponder systems for example Aweber or Infusionsoft can easily handle the list selection.

What if you decide to start using this process today? Basically you’re not bombarding people who did open your messages,
and you’re also giving those who didn’t respond a second and third chance.

And for every 100 emails you send, here’s a guide on what you can expect:

Email 1: 15 opens
Email 2: 10 opens
Email 3: 5 opens

Total: 30% open rate, instead of 15%.

If you do this, you’ll double the response from your email list without spending any more money on traffic generation,  without waiting until you grow your email list…make sense?

Email marketing campaigns are essential steps in your marketing strategy. Email messages communicate and build relationships with prospects, and gather important data in context to boosting marketing ROI.

What is marketing ROI? How do you measure marketing ROI? How can you communicate with other teams about the results your marketing team is achieving?

As important as email marketing campaigns are for your business, are you hitting the bulls eye or continuing to fall short on the email marketing campaign’s return on investment.

To successfully build and maintain effective email marketing campaigns, you want to pay close attention to your target audience.

The email message is a powerful delivery system, if you avoid the common trap of simply blasting out self-promotional messages.

This only leads to recipients hitting the delete button more than opening your message.

To get the right structure for campaigns which boosts lead nurturing and marketing ROI, we trust these email marketing tips empower your successful email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing Tips