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Are You Winning With Facebook Ads?

“Why Is Facebook Advertising The Name Of The Game and Real Game Changer?”

Yes! Is advertising on Facebook still scary for you?

What if you waste all your budget and get no sales?

What if you set campaigns up wrong and waste a ton of money?

Interested in finding out how much Facebook advertising costs?

Never start a campaign with a small ultra-targeted audience…

That probably sounds counter intuitive right?

You see that’s just not how Facebook works.

You actually want to start your first test by showing your ads to a bigger and slightly broader audience… 

You always want to start with a small budget.

First, you’re taking far less of a hit and risking less money that way.

Second, because of how the Facebook Algorithm works.

If you start with a small budget…

Facebook works harder for you to find customers. 

If you start with a big budget…

The Algorithm without a lot of matured pixel fires and data…

Facebook gets confused and sends you a bunch of junk traffic.

You can adjust your budget based on the way people interact.

Facebook adverts works better using incremental budgets.

And can be purchased in a variety of ways.

The No 1 benefit of buying traffic from trusted sources…

Google™ and Facebook™ they wouldn’t knowingly rob you right?

Your tiny little budget isn’t worth it for them to create bad publicity.

Winning With Facebook Ads…

The exact cost associated with your ad being shown to someone is determined in auctions.

If you follow these 3 steps and start out small…

Odds of you failing with your ads are much smaller.

You definitely don’t want all-in on day.

Try this out and let us know how it goes for you in the comments.

Step 1: Retargeting

We’ve talked a lot about retargeting on this blog…

However, this is by far the easiest advertising you’ll ever do.

This works because you’re targeting people which have interest.

And they’ve already found your website via search engines.

The key to making advertising on Facebook™ work…

Is to ensure you set up your audience properly.

Unfortunately this is the part most people fail miserably.

When setting up your audience…

Make sure you remove anyone which has already signed up.

This would be your base level offer.

You do this by telling Facebook™ anyone seeing your “thank you page” isn’t to be excluded from seeing the ad.

All you need to do is provide the URL of your page.

And they’ll make sure only the right people see your retargeting ads.

This is  completely different campaign…

If you really want to get advanced target a specific audience with ads to your next offer.

Simply do the same, exclude anyone that’s seen “thank you page” for that offer.

Next, do it for any other offers in your sales sequence.

To generate good result and response…

The ad must focuses on what your products will provide as benefits.

Step 2: Leveraging Your Current Audience

Facebook™ allows you to upload a list of customers.

That way you can specifically advertise to them.

This allows you to “own the space” generate sales anytime you want.

The internet has grown exponentially and rapidly right?

Grown where every “touch point” you get with a customer…

Increases frequency and amount of sales you can produce.

Facebook™ ads are another proven platform for you to reach your customers and capture their attention.

It’s called interruption advertising, so you’re invading their space.

Bear in mind once they’ve bought from you…

They’ve effectively given you permission to contact them via email.

And target them using ads.

The key is to separate each audience.

That way you can advertise the next offer they should buy.

Use the right URL strings…

This way you separate/exclude people which have bought offer #1.

And haven’t bought offer #2…

From people that have opted in, but haven’t bought offer #1.

Focus your ads on problems your product solves.

This gives you the best results with positive ROI.

Step 3: Target New Customers Using Your Current Ones

You should keep ads pretty straight forward…

Retargeting advertising is best used on an active customer base.

These type of ads need more benefit focused details.

This is because the traffic has overtime gone from warm to cold.

When reaching out to new customers…

You get better results if you give as much relevant detail as you can.

By creating a “lookalike” audience…

Facebook™ targets people which look like your current audience.

You can do this for people visiting your website (viewing content).

In this example you can be using retargeting ads to target audience.

You could also test the 3 levels Facebook gives us…

Usually it makes sense to start first with the closest match (1%).

Then take the best winning ads from group…

And test out with the next level (1 – 2%).

And finally, test with the last (2 – 5%).

Keep budgets small when you’re in testing phase.

Slowly scale up your winning ads by copying them.

Bump budgets on ads where you’re seeing success.

Higher budgets reach more of your audience faster.

To sum it up, collaboration between sales and marketing is necessary for the success of businesses of all sizes…

And it requires proper planning and training.

Any business choosing  to stick to an old…

Outdated “division” of departments will be at a distinct disadvantage when pitted against businesses with a strong sales infrastructure.

At the end of the day…

Sales and profits are the best way to measure sales and marketing.

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