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Google Adwords VS Facebook Ads

Which Marketing Medium Be It Social Media Or Advertising Platform Do You Prefer – Is It Facebook Ads or Google Adwords?

Yes…it’s a timely and good question, one which is commonly asked by a lot of people looking to start advertising on the web…

Keep reading because the answer just might surprise you.

Which one is better?

The truth is these are two different marketing mediums…

Both work for different businesses under different circumstances.

What we’ll do in this article is to simply go toe to toe…

There are different points and scenarios wherein Facebook ads and Adwords which may or may not work for your business.

You’ll reach your own conclusion for which marketing medium is actually better suited to your business.

Let’s get right to it…

We’ll start with the buying cycle.

Adwords target “ready to buy” people…

Imagine the buying cycle as a funnel…

You have people on top of the funnel right?

They might be aware of your business…

But just are not ready to buy anything just yet.

The people at the bottom of the funnel…

These people are ready to put money into your bank account…

Because they’ve immediate need for your products or services.

Google Adwords lets you target the people who are right at the bottom of the buying cycle.

People already have their credit card out…

They are simply looking for someone to give their money to.

Facebook Ads targets people in the full buying cycle.

There’s no way to specifically target people who are bottom of funnel and ready to purchase.

That said…

Targeting people who are top of funnel is definitely worth looking into with Facebook ads…

You have potential to effectively do just that…

And generally better results than with Adwords.

What about the marketing reach of Adwords?

Adwords, as a marketing medium has a much broader reach compared to Facebook ads.

You can target people on Google itself…

Google owns web properties including Youtube…

All thanks to their vast network Google has in place.

Facebook is only limited to the social media platform.

What about brand awareness on Facebook?

Facebook is limited in terms of search reach, it’s still the dominant social network on the web, right?

And a great place to promote local brand awareness.

Nearly everyone has an active presence on this social network.

And with good content marketing, you can effectively position yourself as a brand authority in your niche market.

Let’s explore tracking in Adwords…

Adwords has a more effective means of tracking purchases.

And inquiries which is a great results for businesses which rely heavily on lead generation.

You can even track phone calls…

And best of all…

These are all free services and come with use of Adwords platform.

This type of tracking feature is not currently available on the Facebook marketing platform…

Social proof is powerful in Facebook!

Facebook may not offer much in the way of tracking…

But hang onto your hat because most web marketers would agree it makes up for it by way of social proof.

Come up with a good ad and people are bound to like, comment or share your ad…

This builds trust so people are more likely to purchase products or services you’re offering.

Remember there is dynamic insertion Ads on Adwords…

It’s a significant advantage of Adwords over Facebook ads.

And to better explain this powerful feature, it would be best to refer to a quick example…

What if somebody goes to Google and does a search for “Red Hats”.

Okay with Adwords, you can easily insert that exact search term.

Yes, its called dynamic which means dynamically inserts into ad.

The result is an opportunity to create ads which are relevant…

And convinces people it’s exactly what they are looking for online.

Targeting your audience on Facebook…

Facebook offers 3 ways of targeting audiences for marketing ads…




Of course, Adwords offers something similar.

What makes Facebook marketing truly powerful is you can easily overlay the above three to create highly targeted audiences…

And more profitable list of audience to market to.

Facebook offers a means to split test your ads.

Yes, making it so much easier to identify what’s working for you.

Then you have Youtube which is owned by Google.

Google owns Youtube right?

And that’s yet another significant advantage.

Yes, when it comes to marketing with Adwords.

This means you can run your Adwords on Youtube.

Which is actually the second biggest search engine on the Internet.

There are millions of searches done on Youtube everyday…

And Adwords lets you tap into yet another rich pool of audiences.

More sweet choices that you can market to.

Let’s look at the rich media in Facebook Ads…

Facebook lets you create ads which contain rich media.

In either text, images or videos.

You can always combine any of those to create your ads.

So there you have it…

All the specific advantages of each platform.

Of course to really decide which is better for your business, we need to also tackle specific disadvantages of each platform.

Let’s get right to it!

The disadvantages of Facebook Ads and Google Adwords…

Poor overlay targeting in Adwords!

One problem most marketers often have with Google Adwords is while you can specifically target people based via intention…

And what they’re looking for…

There’s currently no way to overlay it all with certain demographics like age, gender or interests.

It means you could waste some of your ad budget tweaking your campaign…

What…no targeting based on keyword searches on Facebook?

This is a significant flaw currently with Facebook ads…

There’s simply no way to target people based on whatever search terms they are using on the social network.

Now, you do need a good website to draw people to in Adwords!

To be truly effective, Adwords requires substantial website to direct your audience to.

You can’t set up basic page to drive traffic and expect good results.

While Adwords may bring you lots of traffic…

It means nothing if your website doesn’t successfully convert that traffic, whether in the form of sales or completing a capture form.

Next up is banner blindness on Facebook…

While Facebook is definitely a popular platform to market your products or services…

Obviously people become bored if they see the same banner and images.

These are limitations which could adversely affect the performance of your marketing campaign over time.

One way to combat this is to always make sure you regularly rotate your ads and switch up your images…

Did you say limited audience with Adwords search?

While you can target people on Adwords based on their intention, there’s only a certain volume of people doing a particular search…

Yes, on any given day regarding a specific topic or keyword phrases.

Scaling up can be a problem as you’re limited to volume or number of people searching for your product or service.

Remember search is based on a certain day which might restrict the effectiveness of your web marketing campaign.

Facebook ads make it difficult to promote boring topics…

Facebook marketing is primarily driven by excitement!

Which makes it a challenge for businesses engaged in selling products or services people don’t find particularly interesting.

Say you’re selling basketballs; enthusiasts are likely to buy your products simply because it interests them.

If you’re a law firm offering legal assistance for a divorce…

Let’s face it, that can be a problem because it’s a subject people generally don’t find exciting or interesting.

Adwords search ads is restricted to only a few lines of text…

This one’s a biggie…

On Facebook, you can write a novel…

Your ad can be a whole article.

Obviously you need good communication and copywriting skills.

You could hire a good writer to come up with content people find interesting and engaging.

It’s a choice and something you simply can’t do in an Adwords ad.

Oops…now look at the content restrictions on Facebook!

As a reputable social network, Facebook uses lots of restrictions on the type of content shared on their network.

This can be a problem for businesses…

What if you want to promote or delve restricted content such as alcohol, weight loss products and adult-related products?

Sorry…if you’re niche belongs to any of these categories Facebook is definitely not for you.

You cannot use Adwords to split out devices by type…

Adwords does force you to run your ads through a wide range of devices which includes laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc…

This could affect profitability of your advertising campaigns.

Facebook ads allows you the option to only show your ads to an audience using a particular device.

Okay…the cost of Facebook Ads can be affected by seasonality!

Ad expenses can spike significantly depending on the season.

What if there are significant increases on the volume of businesses promoting relevant products on the social network?

This drives up your marketing expenditures compared to Adwords where ad spending remains relatively stable.

So there you have it…

Some of the advantages and disadvantages…

Did you make up your mind?

Is it Facebook Ads or Google Adwords?

One marketing medium is not necessarily better than the other.

And as a matter of fact…

It’s a far better marketing strategy to combine and make use of the two if you’re in a highly competitive market.

You can target people on Facebook which share same interests…

Then drive those people to your website for a much lower cost.

You can apply retargeting using Adwords to maximise your chances of getting those people to buy your product or service.

Yes, this drives your total cost down…

While allowing for an extremely competitive business on the web.

You can target “ready to buy” people first using Adwords…

And re target them using Facebook…

This makes it feel like you’re everywhere.

Either way…

Facebook Ads and Adwords are both excellent marketing mediums.

You need only use based on specific strengths and weaknesses.

Google Adwords VS Facebook Ads

Growth Hack Secrets For Your Business Revealed

Growth Hacks Any Small Business, Start Up or Entrepreneur Can Take Advantage

If you’re like far too many businesses it’s most likely the marketing strategy used isn’t doing as good a job as you intended…

Maybe growth or revenue results are miserable and painfully slow?

What are key questions you need to ask to help you win this race?

You see, there’s a long-standing argument and big lie that infects most business owners and entrepreneurs out there that says…

Forget about GET RICH QUICK…

The only trustworthy path to wealth is to do it slowly over time…

Dear Savvy Business Owner,

Everyone is allowed to dream BIG right?

Growth hack your business predictably with a high performance strategy, drive targeted traffic, better quality leads and more sales.

What method can you use to figure out the best possible traffic sources for your offer.

Which should you use?

•    Magazines and Journals
•    Joint Ventures/Affiliates
•    Publicity
•    Linked In
•    Radio and TV
•    Bing
•    CPV/PPV
•    Blogging and Guest Posting
•    AdWords
•    Social Media
•    Wholesale Banners
•    YouTube
•    Direct Mail
•    Solo Ads
•    Facebook PPC



You want to grow and scale your business faster and predictably every single month, right?

Let’s shatter the slow and steady illusion for a minute here, because there is only one word which boils it ALL down to two letters…B.S.

What possible benefit can anyone get from a depressing foolish idea the path to wealth should take you years and perhaps even decades?

Finally! Smart Growth Hacks For Business Explained…

growth hacks for business

In reality to build a better business, fortune favors the BOLD.


This has always been the case in business and firmly believe it will always be true.

And I’m not alone…

Growth Hacking Strategies for Doubling Your Profits Right Now…

A growing number of small business, start-ups and entrepreneurs are now embracing  growth hacks for business.

Or simply growth hacking

The value to you will be enormous.

Growth hack, tweak and optimize…

It’s fast, laser-focused and accurate which pinpoints opportunities to be exploited at light speed.

While the term itself has emerged from high tech industries such as Cloud Computing or Software as a Service (SAAS)…

The fact is, more and more of these powerful strategies are being used by enterprises ranging from architects to zookeepers.

And they are experiencing astonishing results in record time.

Would you prefer to go for the brass ring now?

As opposed to patiently waiting for some bank balance to appear at some unknown point in the future?

Maybe you’re thinking growth hacking strategies involve some kind of “advanced technology” expertise to make them work?

Trust me, that is NOT the case…

The strategy covered id fast, easy, powerful to generate massive revenues from your business, simple and accessible to anyone.

Given the wealth of opportunities out there today to identify, target and get paying customers…

There’s NO EXCUSE for allowing yourself to remain bewildered or allow business’s revenues to dwindle and disappear into oblivion.

You can avoid the long and endless road of pain, frustration and disappointment.

Your Exclusive Invite You’d Be Wise to Take Advantage of…

growth hacking

You want growth hacks specifically designed to quickly, easily and predictably increase your revenues.

Real money for ANY business…

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Why? Because on that date business marketing legend Dan Kennedy will dive deep into growth hacking.

Dan reveals exactly how to put these secret strategies, systems and templates to generate rapid, massive growth in your business.

The Power Of Growth Hacking = Your Unstoppable Success…

Move up one level…it’s your choice.

Register now to get behind the scenes cutting edge growth hacking strategies.

Discover brand new growth hacks that puts a virtual supercharger on your business’s ability to get high performance and revenues.

This is a complete, in-depth, real-world training from start to finish to quickly, easily and in a way you can repeat over and over again.

It’s the perfect growth hacking strategy for ANY business owner, sales professional, entrepreneur or large scale organization…

Relatively low risks and huge potential rewards, there’s no reason not to growth hack your business. What do you have to lose?

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Growth Hacks For Business

What Is Target Marketing and Why Is This Strategy Key?

Mass Marketing vs Target Marketing…

Have you ever seriously asked yourself what is target marketing?

You’ll want to carefully read every word of because this is one of the most valuable posts you’ll ever read for your business success…

Today we’ll briefly cover key factors (ins and outs) of leveraging your target marketing to generate serious income for yourself!

Discover how to get the most long-term benefit out of marketing and so you can maximize your traffic (ie, SEO and PPC).

Understanding your target market can seriously help you refine and improve conversions while optimising business marketing results.

And actually start being very effective and way more profitable…

In fact, simple target marketing tweaks can significantly boost optin rates, plus send your conversions and sales skyrocketing!

Why Businesses Struggle To Use Target Marketing?

Do you know why it is natural for a small business owner or marketer to struggle with defining their target market?

Because they have the mindset that anyone and everyone needs their merchandise (widget or service)…

Sadly this approach is what has caused so many would-be success stories from every happening.

In your opinion what is target marketing?

Target Marketing


It is where you first identify who exactly is your ideal customer or you’re preferred customer?

Sounds like bit of a trick question…

The reason why you need to understand the slight variation or difference is because if you don’t know…how can you create the right content and value to attract them.

It also means the difference between knowing customers inside and out, what they struggle with and what they think about…

Also why they buy and where they attend events, etc…

You might find if you had a magic wand and you could whip you your perfect prospect into a buying frenzy…how would you do this?

target market
Define and understand your target market demographics

Firstly you’d need to know, what would the perfect prospect and ideal customer look like:

  • What kind of work experience would they have?
  • Age – how old would they be?
  • Why would they be interested in what you have to offer?
  • What problems does your product or service help them with?
  • What do they want or hope to achieve in life?
  • What experience can you bring to the table so you can connect and engage in building rapport?

Hardly anyone really stops to thinks about defining their target market and what is target marketing (more about this later)

In most industries the product dictates your prospect.

target marketing
You need to define your target market via target marketing


Here are some quick examples of target markets:

1. If you sell medical equipment, you are not going to approach a hot dog vendor right? It just wouldn’t make sense, would it?

2. If you sell pet grooming services, you’re only going to target pet owners right?

3. If you sell social media services, you’re not going to target people without computers, does this make sense?

You see, the no 1 biggest marketing problem with almost all small business is the foolish thinking they can sell to anyone and everyone.

You might find 90% to 95% of small business owners simply hope or pray…everyone and anyone will magically buy whatever they offer.

And that is exactly why their marketing attracts anyone and everyone…

Yet speaks to NO ONE…

Back to the Magic Wand and What is Target Marketing…

If you are defining a target market for your business, think about what type of person would you actually want to sell?

Some of you might still be working on your first signup and may incorrectly answer, anyone and everyone!

Well,  you are just hoping and at best guessing…

ARE you seriously a business person wanting  to model the highest level of success or are you satisfied with less than mediocre results?

Would you much rather just take all the people already interested in buying from you and help them to succeed?

From the list of target markets below, can you identify who would be your best fit in context to perfect prospect and ideal customer:

  • Baby boomers concerned about retirement
  • Dads with daughter(s) scared about paying for their wedding(s)
  • Adults concerned on covering costs of their elderly parents
  • Retirees bored or wishing they had saved more money
  • Personal trainers wanting to expand their income
  • Stay at home mom wanting to create financial stability and make a real difference for their family
  • Musicians or actors wanting paid work while in between gigs…

We’ve briefly touched on why you need to create a target market in which you can connect, engage and establish rapport…

So far you understand it is NOT in your best interest to market to anyone and everyone…

And you know a well-defined target market is the first element to a marketing strategy.

What if you identify a target market you don’t fully know?


Well, the short answer is you better be willing to immerse yourself in their world…learn every aspect you can about your target market.

What magazines do they read?

What shows do they watch?

Where do they hang out?

What associations, clubs, forums do they hang out and go to?

Also, understand this entire post is all about marketing from advertising to social media marketing and email marketing.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning…

You need to get specific and kill promotional style marketing messages and start focusing on customer-centric solutions.

Why? Because in order to be cost effective and efficient in your business, you need to reach your target market

You need to identify their biggest problems and address these concerns with information that’s helpful to your ideal customers.

Yes, you need to go even further…

It’s all about right message to right market at the right time.

You don’t want to be marketing to anyone and everyone, if they do not fit your target market, right?

If you’re going to be paying for advertising anyway…why not prospect and if you are going to market anyway, why not target.

So who is your perfect prospect and ideal customer?

What is their profile or avatar?

Your perfect target market?

Do you know why target marketing is key to your business success?

Understanding what it means to establish a well-defined target market is the first element to a successful marketing strategy.

We have covered some basic target marketing in this post, if you need help with your target marketing or if you have any questions.

As business owners, we work endless amounts of hours, struggling to grow our business to the next level to generate a higher level of income with sometimes no success at all…

Are you ready to finally enjoy what you are really worth?

Now with your initial homework done, we move on to looking over your business as a whole.

In context to target marketing and scaling up, you need to understand two very important metrics as a business owner.

You need to know your net profit as a whole.

These two metrics are even more critical.

We’ll also cover a couple of business examples of where businesses make exponential improvements.

Yes…massive return on investment (ROI) for each customer.

Please feel free to share your comments below and open a ticket via helpdesk,  we would be happy to answer your questions, thanks.

If you want to ask questions and this helped and you enjoyed this post please comment and share if you want more content like this…

Target Marketing

Want To Increase Sales Funnel Conversion Rates?

How To Increase Conversion Rates?

Want to know how to engineer the perfect conversion funnel and always crush your competition become unbeatable in your market.

Yes, it’s critical to know the conversion rates for your business, right?

You need to understand and know why any sales leads converts into clients and know where most of those leads or prospects come from…

Did you know color help influence emotions and purchase decisions?

Dear Switched on Business Owner,

If you’re looking for a stupidly simple way to increase conversion rates, meaning both your online and offline conversion rates and boost your sales and profits…

Yes, choosing color is so simple, right?

Color really does make a difference in how we purchase…

You no longer have an excuse, it’s time to improve your conversion rates…

 Ready? Check this out…

conversion rates
How to make sure the colors you use help influence what your customers purchase…

Do you want to understand how to use the right colors to help your customers buy?

Colors impact our mood, perception and ultimately behavior.

Research from Hubspot shows 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

And visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.

Ok so you’ve checked out the infographic from KISSmetrics to see if you’re using the right colors in your marketing strategy.

How Colors Influence Consumer Buying Decisions…

Creating a color scheme for your business means understanding color psychology.

This can prove to be a fascinating process and the least complicated way to do it in context to psychology, colors and marketing…

Choosing the right color scheme for your business begins by understanding the color wheel.

Complimentary colors: Colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel.

Appreciating the contrast between colors can help you to find a contrast which gets attention.

Analogous colors: Colors consist of a primary color and assorted shades.

Utilizing analogous colors can stimulate pleasure at what we look at.

Triadic colors: Three colors which are evenly spaced out on the color wheel can be used to create a visually stunning image.

how colors influence consumers
How colors influence consumers and buying decisions…

Components to Colors and Marketing…

The more you understand the dynamics and perception of colors used within the color wheel, the better you’ll appreciate its potential.

There are several basic components to colors and marketing that can now be understood:

  • 80% of what we see with our senses is visual
  • 92.6% of what we respond to positively as consumers consists of what we can see
  • Since 1987, insulation has made it legally possible to trademark a color
  • Over 50% of consumers claim color plays a significant role in what they purchase
  • Utilizing colors can lead to an 80% increase in brand recognition

Marketing to children and color psychology is understandably important, right?

It’s also a process which needs certain special considerations:

  • Understand specific interests of your target market
  • Primary colors are proven to be appealing to children, while also being stimulating to adults
  • Some colors which are ideal for both parents and children include reds, blues, yellows and pinks
  • These colors imply traits like trust and liveliness…

Color Preferences and understanding color preferences is the next step:

  • Blue is the preferred color by U.S. consumers (what color does Walmart frequently use?)
  • Orange is the least preferred color
  • Both men and women prefer blue.
  • However, men dislike brown, whereas women dislike orange.

Meaning of Colors and why you understand on a certain level that people associate certain colors with certain emotions:

  • Red: Energy, passion and determination
  • Blue: Stability, tranquility, and wisdom
  • White: Purity, faith, and innocence
  • Green: Growth, harmony, and peace

Take the concept of color associations, preferences, and keep color wheel in mind.

Take all of these elements and analyze logos you see in everyday life.

How do you respond to them emotionally?

The conversion rate helps you to better structure and understand the quality of your lead generation qualification and sales processes.

Conversion Rates

Why Develop Your Marketing Strategy?

“Tips To Expand Or Develop Marketing Strategy and Increase Your Profits”

Marketing strategy sets the overall road map, structure, direction and step-by-step goals for marketing. Effective marketing means a clearly defined marketing strategy. 

Why do some businesses thrive while many still continue to struggle? Are you frustrated?

Why? Because other businesses whose products or services aren’t as good as yours are enjoying boosts in sales from month to month?

There are three reasons why this happens:

Reason #1: Successful businesses have solved the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to effective prospecting.

Any company (large or small) which isn’t getting as much business as they can handle simply means they don’t know how to consistently get as many prospects as they need.

Reason #2: Successful businesses do an exceptional job of differentiating themselves from all their competitors.

They offer a difference which is so unique, they’re immediately viewed as a “category of one” and the only business buyers or customers would logically choose to buy from.

Reason #3: Successful businesses sell more of their products or services by actually marketing less. Why?

Because by targeting more effectively and segmenting buyers from time-wasters or “tire-kickers”, means the time and money they invest in marketing is reduced significantly.

develop marketing strategy
Develop marketing strategy which is simple, yet empowers you to define success…

Develop a marketing strategy which is key for your business success. Bear in mind the best marketing strategy is simple, yet empowers you to define your business success:

  1. Vision
  2. Mission
  3. Goals

The 3 areas outline the steps you need to take to achieve these goals, which are developed to structure your unique selling position (USP) in consultation with your business team.

Your marketing strategy  is essential to your success, affecting the way you run your entire business, would it make sense to take it off your to-do list and actually implement today?

 Use a wide-reaching and comprehensive tool to develop marketing strategy that:

  • Describes your business, products and services
  • Explains USP and role of your products and services in your market
  • Profiles your buyers (prospects, leads, customers) and competition
  • Identifies marketing strategies and tactics which you would use
  • Allows you to build a marketing strategy and measure its effectiveness

Develop marketing strategy so the marketing plan outlines the daily specific actions you take to implement your goals with tactics to be achieved over 12 months.

Develop Marketing Strategy And Enjoy A Thriving Business…

A well-developed marketing strategy empowers you to realise your business goals and build a strong reputation for your products and services.

marketing strategy process
Outline of marketing strategy process…

The best marketing strategy process allows you to specially target your products and services to the ideal buyers most likely to buy.

Develop marketing strategy to include the components listed below to help you make the most of your marketing, keep your marketing focused, measure and improve your sales.

Structure And Plan Your Business Goals

To develop your marketing strategy, identify your overarching business goals, so that you can then define a set of marketing goals to support them.

Your business goals would include:

  • Increasing awareness of your products and services
  • Selling more products from a certain supplier
  • Reaching new customer segments
  • State your marketing goals

Define a set of specific marketing goals based on the business goals you listed above. These goals will motivate you and your team and help you benchmark your success.

Examples of marketing goals include increased market penetration (selling more products to existing customers) or market development (selling products to new target markets).

Marketing goals could be long-term and might take a few years to successfully achieve. However, they need to be clear and measurable and have time frames for achievement.

Make sure your overall strategies are also practical and measurable. A good marketing strategy will not be changed every year, but revised when your strategies have been achieved or your marketing goals have been met.

Also, you may need to amend your strategy if your external market changes due to a new competitor or new technology, or if your products substantially change.

Research Your Market

Research is a crucial step to develop marketing strategy.

You get information to establish your market, size, growth, social trends, demographics (population statistics age, gender and family type)…

It is important to keep an eye on market conditions so you are aware of any changes over time, so you develop marketing strategy which remains focused, relevant and targeted.

Profile And Segment Buyers

Use your market research to develop a profile of the customers you are targeting and identify their needs.

The profile will reveal their buying patterns, including how they buy, where they buy and what they buy. Again, regularly review trends so you don’t miss out on new opportunities or become irrelevant with your marketing message.

While you try to find new customers, make sure your marketing strategy also allows you to maintain relationships with your existing customers.

Understand Your Competitors

As part of your marketing strategy you’d profile your competitors to understand the products, supply chains, delivery system, pricing and marketing tactics they’re using.

Use this to differentiate and set your business apart from your competitors.

You’d want to identify strengths and weaknesses of your internal processes to improve your competitive advantages and performance compared with your competition.

Develop Marketing Strategy To Support Your Marketing Goals

List your target markets and plan strategies to get and retain for example; goal is to attract specific (age group) of buyer’s and increase awareness of your products and services.

Your strategies would increase your reach by posting updates about product using online social media platforms; Twitter and Facebook.

Advertising in local magazines targeted to specific buyers and offering discounts and/or financial incentives without damaging your short-term sales and long-term growth…

 Use The 4 Ps of Marketing

Develop marketing strategy with the right combination of marketing across product, price, promotion, place and people.

develop marketing strategy
Develop marketing strategy using 4 Ps of marketing…

Tip: Develop marketing strategy to maximise your customer lifetime value…

The 4 Ps are a set of marketing tactics, which you can use in any combination to satisfy buyers in your target market.

These variable are controllable, yet subject to your internal and external marketing environments.

Combining these different marketing tactics to meet your buyers’ needs and wants is known as using a ‘tactical marketing mix’.

develop marketing strategy
Develop marketing strategy to meet your buyers’ needs and wants…

Product is all of the features, advantages and benefits your buyers enjoy from buying your goods or services.

When marketing your product, you structure only the key benefits your buyers want or need, including the emotional triggers and results of buying and enjoying your products.

Price is the strategy for your products and services and how it affect your buyers decision.

You’d know how much buyers are prepared to pay, how much mark-up you need to cater for overheads, your profit margins and payment methods and other costs.

To get more customers and increase your competitive advantage, you may also want to consider learning more about the right pricing structure of your products.

These are promotional activities you use to make your customers aware of your products and services, including advertising, sales tactics and direct marketing.

The right place is about getting the products to your customer which includes where a product or service is made, sold or distributed.

You can set yourself apart from your competition through the design of your retail space and by using effective visual merchandising techniques.

If you are not a retail business, place is still an important part of your marketing.

Your customers may need a quick delivery turnaround or want to buy locally manufactured products.

If you are starting a new business, finding the right location can be a key marketing tactic.

People refer to the staff and salespeople who work for your business, including yourself.

When you provide excellent customer service, you create a positive experience for your customers, and in doing so market your brand to them.

In turn, existing customers may want to refer other people they know and spread the word about your excellent service, basically how you can win referrals.

Develop Marketing Strategy By Testing Your Ideas, Tactics and Options…

In deciding your tactics, do some online research, test ideas and approaches on your customers and your staff, continue to track and measure, review what works.

develop marketing strategy
Develop marketing strategy to test ideas, tactics and options…

You want to choose a number of tactics to meet your buyer’s or existing customers’ needs, reach the customers within your target market and improve your sales results.

The marketing strategy overview you’ve just seen reveals some costly mistakes, if fixed, would make a significant difference to your business profits.

If you’d like us to empower you to implement a proven marketing strategy reach out, get in touch and we’ll give you a call to see how to best develop marketing strategy to get results.

Develop Marketing Strategy